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Who was H.G. Rawlinson (1880-1957)?

I finally found my school book on Indian history by Rawlinson. It is NOT the book I’ve been mentioning earlier, here, i.e. The Oxford Student’s History of India (1908). Instead, the school history book is called, “A Concise History of The Indian People” and I have with me its second edition which was published in 1950 (I have the seventh impression of 1968 of the second edition). The first edition was published in 1938.

This book is therefore an updated version of his 1908 book, and it also shows that Rawlinson was alive and well at least till 1950. Indeed, he lived from 1880 to 1957 with much of it spent in India, in Poona (now Pune).

H.G.Rawlinson was Professor of English and Principal of Deccan College from 1923-31. He was also a member of the Indian Education Service. He also worked as Principal of Fergusen College.



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