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The severely misguided business leaders who insisted that Modi’s government is less corrupt than the UPA

I sent this email out a couple of days ago. Also posting it on this blog:


At the Horasis conference last year I said in the main forum that corruption starts in India at the very top. The business leader chairing the session simply glossed over my comment (apart from a foolish laugh at the idea that the IAS must be replaced) and one of them came up to me later and even scolded me for saying such a thing in public at an international event. This man was a BJP crony capitalist and insisted that Modi had reduced corruption at the Ministerial level. Of course that is pure nonsense. Crony capitalists would say that.
The reality is that NOTHING HAS CHANGED ON THE GROUND. And the latest Transparency International global rankings confirm this.
Not only have the people of India not experienced any change from UPA’s third rate performance, there is no difference to the kinds of criminals coming into politics or the corruption among Ministers and bureaucrats. What was said in this talk in 2011 by a Western academic continues to hold true ( CRIMINALS are being selected by every major party to rule India. And then people wonder why things are so bad. (Of course, things aren’t bad if you benefit personally from the corrupt system.)
But the world is not, and cannot be fooled by mere slogans. Or by Modi’s pet crony capitalists spreading disinformation about India’s “great” reforms.
Swarna Bharat Party has been saying this for many years now – that Modi’s BJP is a replica of UPA. Its policies are 100 per cent the same. How then can anything change?
It is now up to the country to understand this and look for a real alternative that will involve changing the incentives in the governance system.
SBP is a platform where the corrupt or criminal have no chance of being fielded in elections and if ever found to be corrupt, will not only be ejected from the party but publicly shamed. But that’s not the main thing. We will change the governance system so that there is NO CHANCE of corruption at the top (or at any level). Yes, that is quite possible even in a miserably corrupt country like India.
If you are still dithering and continue to supporting corrupt socialists, you do so at your own peril. Your own life can be endangered one day by the horrid consequences of India’s hopelessly corrupt system. Even the great James Tooley was imprisoned in India. Surviving among crocodiles is not always guaranteed to succeed.
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