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The amazing Indian argument where government has “no rationale” unless is “takes care” of people’s “needs”

Someone I know wrote: “if government can’t provide / take care of the basic needs of the people like elementary education, basic healthcare, drinking water, sanitation particularly in a developing country, what wud be the rationale for its existence”.

Well, the government MUST facilitate these things – by regulating markets and social insurance for the poor.

Do try to read SBP’s manifesto.

However, it is NOT the business of government to directly manage any of these things, particularly if it has the most unaccountable and incompetent bureaucracy in the world.

And it must first show that it can perform its core functions – justice and security – which are TOTALLY in shambles.

Before it can even make the claim to address other issues, including infrastructure.

India’s shame is blatantly obvious to everyone but to those who govern India.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “The amazing Indian argument where government has “no rationale” unless is “takes care” of people’s “needs”
  1. Raj

    Here could be a fine answer Saneev — Government runs by taxes. MY taxes are for protecting MY freedoms which is why government is necessary. Government is for nothing else.

    IF I want to do charity — I CHOOSE!

    And yes, people must work and pay for their existence. If they do not, they will perish. But it still will not entitle them to steal my money. Life is about contentment, NOT a certain material “need” and “standard”! Justice is murdered when people’s properties are taken away!

    People pay by effort, creativity and enterprise. And government must get the f out so this is possible.

    — —

    I read millions of these lovely pieces of socialist murderers daily Sanjeev. I’ve built a skin for it! I reckon it is time we make it CLEAR that the poor have no right over other’s money. We live by our consequences — “good” or “bad”. We’re judged by what we do, not who we are!