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Sanjay Sonawani’s forensic analysis of caste – something quite radical and unprecedented

Like all modern “elites” of India, I went through a convent school education for more than half my schooling (the rest in a Central School).

History was taught from Rawlinson’s Student’s History of India. The book taught the Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT).

My later studies of history more or less supported the AIT, till around a few years ago, when I started reading material that rebutted the AIT.

In the context of my readings on this topic, I came across Sanjay Sonawani’s book on the Vedas and although poorly written, it was the most persuasive of all. See my blog post here, for instance.

Sanjay has also written a book on caste, but in Marathi. He is working on an English translation at the moment.

In the meanwhile someone sent me a questionnaire on caste, which I sent to Sanjay to respond. This has developed into a good summary of Sanjay’s theory.

Therefore I’m publishing the questionnaire and Sanjay’s response here.

Please download this (in Word).

As you go through it, you’ll find your “well-known” assumptions quashed and questioned. Sanjay is like Sherlock Holmes – he is forensic and detailed in his analysis and questions every “standard” approach. No sociologist, and not even Ambedkar, has come through unscathed.

I’m sure we’ll hear much more in the coming years about Sanjay’s theories of the Vedas and caste.




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