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Modi’s vendetta against Phillip Adams. Australia should severe ties with Modi.

A few days ago I noted my views against India’s denial of visa to Phillip Adams.

Adams is one of the very best writers in Australia. He was also co-host at Gurcharan Das’s talk in Melbourne in the Telstra Theatre in 2007 that I had at least partly helped organise.

Phillip Adams has now written about his experience here.

Twenty years ago we received every professional and personal courtesy. This time visas weren’t forthcoming. Not officially denied, just unavailable. Despite interventions at the highest level, involving the support of both Indian and Australian high commissioners, we encountered a toxic blend of bureaucratic assurances, endless delays and official obfuscation. One ominous aspect: we were asked who we intended to talk to.

Phillip is no promoter of terrorism. He is a member of the press in a free country.

His alleged “crime” (everyone can only surmise, given total official silence) is to speak the truth about the innumerable problems with Adani. I fully agree with Adams on this. Adani should not be allowed to set up shop in Australia – and definitely not with Australian taxpayer funds.

Modi has been an abysmal failure in every way, but with this he is also reverting to form as a man of vendetta.

I believe the Australian government should now consider severing ties with the Modi government. None of his ministers or BJP members should be allowed entry into Australia.

By the way, this is one more piece of evidence about the way Modi and Adani work – and should be a clear warning to Australia to NOT allow Adani to set up shop in the country.


It is a shame that Australian politicians have done NOTHING to act on this atrocious denial of visa by an allegedly friendly government.

Clearly, the Aussie pollies have no spine.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Modi’s vendetta against Phillip Adams. Australia should severe ties with Modi.
  1. Raj

    Though Adams’s article smacks of a tinge of classic leftist “I tolerate those beneath me” racism, I would take reservation to the word ‘shame’ in the post S.

    We must not base our pride, worth or even goals in life upon what another person, or entity, does. Freedom will likely hammer to dust a person who chooses to do so.. I would certainly have been given the degree of silly idiocy I see from uncountable Indians online, and even offline, out here.

    Saying too.. the Jains needs to shown their place. Jain Adani, Dilip Sanghavi and all have this savage State-bribing, barbaric way of doing “business”, as is evident in their regressive female norms and vegetarian tyranny. Amit Shah, the current Guj CM who made cow slaughter punishable by death (Rupani).

    The more of them I come by.. I more I seem to loath them (and a lot more than loath, at times!).