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A formula for SBP’s electoral success

This podcast that I made earlier today summarises a simple formula for SBP’s GUARANTEED electoral success – based on years of experience gained in this regard.

Basically there are five steps:

(1) start from outside the big cities and focus on rural areas first;

(2) cut out all middlemen (e.g. “activists”);

(3) make unplanned trips to rural areas – go with a mike and camera and stop wherever you find enough people to talk to;

(4) solidly rehearse and follow a pre-planned script to deliver your message; and

(5) come back and review your experience and improve your talk and communication till you become a master leader.

Thereafter, many things will fall in place, e.g. rallies, workshops, finding new leaders for neighbouring constituencies.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “A formula for SBP’s electoral success
  1. A V Raju


    In am fully seized with the idea of good work of the SBP but i had wanted to discuss certain major issues that plague the system presently and our stand/position in this respect as that would be observed with care by both the public and the politicians at the same time .

    For instance we may have to clear some air on our stand on, reservation : for instance, and for women empowerment, and on hundreds of freebies these Govts have floated if only to keep the common voting public , largely belonging to lower income groups , the socially vulnerable but the real vote banks, glued to these politicians .

    Little do the common man realise that it is the honest tax-payers money that is being flaunted and freebied , without the real taxpayer ever being given the account of this monstrous doles, 90% of which is never realised by those intended on paper. So the point is the Taxpayer loses money, the intended underprivileged man never gets it and most of all , the money is pocketed , taken out of the system killing the monetary velocity which is the true elixir for economic revival. This is actively supported by the defaulting corporates whose main motive is to fill up their own coffers regardless of the country’s sagging economic woes and therefore the hastened crumbling of the underprivileged, which was precisely what these clever policies of the clever politicians were supposed to prevent.

    This is designed to prevent these very underprivileged from thinking beyond the crumbs that have been offered . They have only one simple business. Vote for the politicians and never think beyond the purse they get for each vote on the voting day. Forget the grand policies of poverty alleviation, empowerment, and social accountability. These have never translated to reality in any case but are pushed through in an endearing hope that some day all of them( underprivileged- as the politicians call our most powerful folks ) would benefit out of it.

    So our agenda and the talk has to be peppered with the instances , statistics and the like but we may have to first clarify to ourselves the factual position. Then the politically correct stand . And then probably, the intellectually right position in the interest of all the underprivileged and then go on to as we grow into enabling position, wean the bad logic from good and tell the so called underprivileged, how they have only served as vote banks and nothing more to any of the political parties so far . and also see for themselves how we are different and verifiable on every count that we propose and implement.

    I am in the meanwhile concerned about the stand that we should publicise, as we can be sure to engage ourselves in dialogue with pseudo-deshbakhts and the messiahs of the underprivileged who will leave no stone unturned to have us off their political backs . Needless to say, we would encounter those miraid ambitious politicians who are Phds in brinkmanship, to do the somersaults against sane policies, i am sure we would be coming up with.

    I did not want to bring this up, in the open forum and would have preferred to go on personal dialogue with you both to address my academic concern and to ground my convictions on our policies. You may choose to respond on my personal mail if you think that would be appropriate.

    I have been in discussion with hundreds of people including youth in Chennai and Bangalore , Hyderabad, Vizag and Kolkata about SBP and the policies we propose , including many of the notes that I have made out of your discussions on various issues , especially Economy and Social significance .

    Thanks and wish you / us all , a splendid political thought , for the future of this nation that has the ability to turn into Worlds most powerful country.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Raju, our policies are clearly stated in our manifesto. We do not have a reservations policy at this stage since we believe the first priority must be given to basic governance reforms. Tinkering with third order things like reservations will not help the country. Let’s first the main governance system and ensure that everyone is able to achieve equality of opportunity before we consider what is to be done re: reservations.