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A critique by Sanjay Sonawani of the paper “Rigvedic Aryans: An Example of “The Mistaken Identity”” – By VR Patil

A few weeks ago, one VR Patil of Pune sent me a 50 page PDF file (see this).

Unfortunately I’ve had no time to review it. I sent to Sanjay Sonawani for comment. This is his comment:

The whole exercise of Mr. Patil is to prove the indigenous Aryan theory. In this attempt, he goes to the extent in claiming that the “Asva” appearing in Rigveda was not the factual horse but an imaginary animal and that the word was later used to the actual horse when they came across it. This writing provides no new information but forced meanings of Rig Vedic verses are rampant in his text. he does not give proper attention to the tribes mentioned in Rig Veda and their geographies. Also, he should have referred Avesta before making his claims but very seldom and whenever convenient he has used it. He claims that Nahusa was the King of IVC and his other five tribes ruled adjacent regions. Also, he shows the movement of Vedic Aryans from east to west.

Given I’ve read Sanjay’s wonderful book, Origins of the Vedic Religion: And Indus-Ghaggar Civilisation, and have critiqued Talageri’s views here, I see no reason to allocate time to read the Patil book. Sanjay’s commentary is sufficient reason for me to move on.

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