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This 10-minute talk directly to the poor of India, explains everything that’s wrong about Indian politics in a nutshell

An email that I sent out widelyi a moment ago:

Dear friends
Finally, we now have a video of an entire talk by Rabi Kant Bharti, Swarna Bharat Party’s 2019 Bhadohi Lok Sabha candidate. Rabi has met thousands of people across Bhadohi over the past few months and a good proportion have committed full support to the party after hearing his message.
His message is very simple: in it Rabi explains in how security and justice are key roles of government but Indian governments avoid these things and, instead, dole out laptops and other freebies. He shows why our politicians dislike the idea of justice – for if justice became available quickly, then most of them would go to jail.

The video is now available on Facebook here: And on Youtube here: Do listen to it.

This simplified message is the best thing that’s happened to India. I’m sure you’ll agree with me once you listen to it. It is the harbinger of change. If you like it, please share it.

Our job now is to find and support hundreds of leaders like Rabi. We need 500 leaders to contest in 2019. Please write to me how you can support this goal. Once we have 400 Rabi Kants in Parliament, change will come rapidly. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly SBP can assemble a super-competent team to guide the country to an entirely new level of development.

Btw, below is something from Whatsapp – a billion people have been left behind in India. The socialists have comprehensively failed.


Just 1 percent Indians are at 20,000 usd and above income. Next 9 percent is like Central Europe ; next 40 percent are like south Asian neighbours Bangladesh n Pakistan . Remaining half billion people are like African population of income between 1 usd to 3 usd per day . Decades of statist intervention has just destroyed this country now almost beyond repair with most ineffective and inefficient judiciary and governance . Many MNC s who thought that india would be natural next market after China , are reviving their plans after huge investment with false hopes . Because ; consumers they are imagining , do not exist at all . Apple might have put thousands of posters across cities ; it’s at their price is half of annual salary of so called middle class of india . Apple’s india revenue is just 0.7 percent of its total revenue . Facebook with Highest user base of 240 million people Generates only 51 m usd in year .  McDonald’s have as many outlets in india as in Taiwan or Poland . E commerce last year growth was just 25 % against all speculations of players . This growth was comparable or equal to one week or so growth in China . Star bucks have just 100 outlets in india equal to Utah or UAE, China has 3000 and one gets opened every 15 hours .  [Source: Whatasapp]

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “This 10-minute talk directly to the poor of India, explains everything that’s wrong about Indian politics in a nutshell
  1. Bhanu Shukla

    Tremendous short speech in few words, as targeted people are villagers, so this will definitely make them think about what rabi has delivered.