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Stop being idiots – Dalits, Hindutvawadis! Wake up!

My comments on the Bhima Koregaon issue on FB:

Is really unfortunate that people have fought for (or against) something that happened 200 years ago and in that process caused loss of life, property and economic value today. There is an acute sense of mindlessness to this kind of thing.

Of course, the entire concept of religion and caste is mindless but looks like it keeps people busy inside their little minds. And sends a signal to the world that India is not ready for business.

Fully agree that the violence was precipitated by Hindutvawadis who should be thoroughly condemned. On the other hand, this whole thing is mindless beyond imagination. The Dalits need to wake up, as well. The poison of religion and caste must be thrown out.

We need to wake up the country to get it out of this medieval, mindset! A new set of leaders is desperately needed. Too many ridiculous clowns in India.


We need voices of sanity in the midst of this insanity.

First of all, both sides are wrong in this case. And sadly, looks like BR Ambedkar is implicated. He seems to be wrong on one too many things, including in his understandings about the caste system.

The other side (Hindutvavadis) were very wrong to take this matter to the streets. They had the right to write about it but not to directly confront the Dalit celebrations.

And, of course, the end result was even more harm caused to India.

All for the stupid idea of religion and caste.


We need to wake up both sides. Time to wake up.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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