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Modi continues to make paupers out of a billion Indians. The people are angry and will not take it any more.

Someone noted that in India, “Neither exports nor industrial production grrenshoots can be sustained in the absence of the revival of private investment. This has fallen sharply in recent years and the Economic Survey does not inspire any hope regarding their revival anytime soon.”

Well, everything is explained here:

Today, neither ministers nor bureaucrats are accountable. They see themselves as rulers. We need to invert this mindset and hold our servant – the government – to account.

The writing has been on the wall for 70 years. No more dismal national performance than this.

I get photos of the pathetic living conditions of people in Bhadohi district everyday – and if anyone her is not familiar with the real life of Indians, do check out the party’s FB page for such photos.

Governance reforms are the key. India undoubtedly has the world’s worst governance system and performance. Zero accountability and total incompetence. There can’t be a bigger nightmare for the poor – who have no clue why nothing ever gets done, nothing ever changes.

The people at the grassroots are very angry and once the flame of accountability is lit, they will overthrow the ridiculous system that has made paupers out of them.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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