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Kindly spare me your bogus pontification, alleged Indian “classical liberals”. You are a bunch of do-nothings.

This is my comment to one Avinash Mulye here.

The key point:

Kindly do not pontificate about your “liberalism” from your ivory tower because that is pure hot air of no consequence.

If you have ANY capacity, do something to bring freedom to India.

Else goodbye and good riddance. Enough of these “smartass” “classical liberals” who don’t know that the FIRST REQUIREMENT of liberalism is to engage in politics and bring about change.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Kindly spare me your bogus pontification, alleged Indian “classical liberals”. You are a bunch of do-nothings.
  1. Dr. Pawan Kumar Aryan

    It is very strange, some people reacted totally irrelevant and out of the sync.

    Below is the factual, well framed, clear and well worded statement of the SBP:

    “This is exactly why Swarna Bharat Party exists. India’s upper classes have dramatically benefited from the socialist crony capitalist models of Congress, BJP (and now AAP). Corruption is steeped into every vein of these people.

    They are not suffering and will NEVER fight the system which is causing deep poverty and distress to a billion+ people.

    We are committed to providing opportunity to all. And that means having a completely accountable government and justice system, which the upper classes aren’t able to manipulate for their personal gain.

    Even the middle class are suffering, but they are not suffering much, since they employ the others – the poor – as their maids and personal servants.

    We want there to be no maid, no personal servant – because everyone in India will be able to afford a two storey four bedroom house and three cars. That’s the India SBP commits to creating – through total reforms of the governance system.”

    These parasites want to live forever on the blood and sweat of others, hence need be checked and curbed.