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I will not associate with Shashi Tharoor until he renounces Congress and apologises to the country

One of my friends met Shash Tharoor recently and discussed my work. Apparently Tharoor has read my work and holds it in some esteem but thinks that I am “a right man in the wrong place”. I don’t know what he means by that. Is he in the right place?

I’m extracting below some of my comments during the follow up Whatsapp conversation I had with this friend:

SBP will *never* join hands with contaminated people like Shashi. He is a beggar at the petticoat of Sonia Gandhi and her fool son. We will succeed from the bottom up. We are already staring to get an excellent response in Bhadohi at the grassroots. No real political movement ever started except from the grassroots – through grassroots leadership.

Ignore “intellectuals” and elites. They are either super-arrogant or bootlickers like Shashi Tharoor. Except Gurcharan Das, not one of them is worthy of any respect.

You know me very well – why would we even remotely want to associate with contaminated people? We will create new leaders. And if India doesn’t have talent then India will continue to suffer, but these old rags from socialist parties are not going to be part of our journey. We stand alone, completely away from existing corrupted parties and leaders.

My comment to Nandan Nilekani made personally to him when he came to Melbourne says it all: I told him before the 2014 elections not to join corrupt Congress. I told him Congress is ultra corrupt. His wife Rohini was with him when I said that. I don’t mince words.

Anyone who remains with corrupt Congress is a traitor to the country. You know I said that publicly on the stage in Patanjali.

These people are self-serving traitors. They will join with anyone who feeds them [Sanjeev: and we are talking being “fed” with seriously corrupt black money]. I want people who will stand alone and fight for the truth and liberty. My method is more time consuming but it is the only way to bring real change. I bring no baggage. And everyone knows that I bring total integrity. We need leaders who have no baggage and whose integrity can be trusted.

You know I’m ruthless with anyone who deviates. A lot of people have fallen by the wayside.

I’d still be willing to associate with people who are otherwise clean and honest, but these people need to demonstrate that they have good character. Character above everything. That’s why I agree with the lone approach of Swami Om Poorna Swatantra. He never gave in to greed. I respect that.


FINALLY, let me say that I would be willing to talk to Shashi Tharoor if he IMMEDIATELY RESIGNS from Congress and apologises for the harm he has caused India by not treading the straight path. He could have joined me 20 years ago. I have been working on the liberal party project for India for 20 years. If people like him had joined me 20 years ago, we would have had a liberal party ruling India today, and India would be well on the way to total transformation.

But these people will NEVER do that. Tharoor is a coward.

I have never written to him in the past but I will send this comment to him.

JOIN ME TO CHANGE INDIA. There is no other way to change India.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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