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Excellent work being undertaken by the Bhadohi SBP team – a short video snippet

Those who follow SBP’s Facebook page and Twitter account will already know that Rabi Kant Bharti and his team is doing exceptionally well in Bhadohi.

The number of people who want to listen to Rabi’s message of liberty and good governance is beginning to increase substantially.

This Youtube video provides a small snippet:

The party’s message is simple – that the government runs from our taxes and is accountable to us to deliver basic services like security, justice and essential infrastructure.

We explain that without these basics, there can be no possibility of any progress. The people – long starved of these basics of good governance – are quick to catch on to the significance of what we are saying and soon realise that other political parties have long been fooling them by doling out freebies and crumbs – from money taken by the people themselves, after deducting huge administrative costs.

The people don’t need crumbs. They need basic governance. The government is our sevant and must be held to account.

We are effectively starting an accountability, or जवाबदेही movement, where everyone in government will have to explain what they have delivered and why they have failed to deliver (as is the case in all cases). Unfortunately, the current machine of government in India is incapable of delivering these core functions. And governments are busy dabbling in religion or attempting to bribe voters through freebies.

What business does the UP government have to promote a specific religion? It should provide basic governance services. The SBP manifesto shows how the machine of governance will be transformed in order to deliver these core functions.

Please join us at the grassroots. Till today, governments have failed to deliver basic functions to the people. Every system has failed: police, judiciary, administrative. This is no longer going to be accepted by the people.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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5 thoughts on “Excellent work being undertaken by the Bhadohi SBP team – a short video snippet
  1. Raj

    Hi Sanjeev, just noticed some good new developments on our Facebook page.

    The seperate groupings are great. Nevertheless, I feel a thing needs addressing.

    The Hyderabad page, in a Telugu and Urdu majority city, assuming it perhaps is to draw the locals into SBP’s fold, has bold Hindi writings as the background.

    It doesn’t offer the local language, being Telugu/Urdu.

    Likewise, the Poona one offers no Marathi.

    In case the Hindi is for non-locals who follow this page to be able to comprehend, I reckon a lot many may know English either way.

    Furthermore, the boldness and font size is in all likelihood would have people havin an eerily unsettling feeling.

    Unlike the Badohi one, which uses the local language, even has no English which a non-local following the page, will never understand .

    I wish these can be taken in consideration. I believe they are critical for local support, besides ensuring justice.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Raj, I will bin all “suggestions” henceforth. Don’t waste my time.

    Do what you say should be done. CREATE THE RELEVANT INFO THAT YOU WANT TO SEE.

    I’m sick to my teeth of advisers and hot air creaters. Don’t grow up into a wind bag.