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The reason to avoid BOGUS “liberals” like Sadanand Dhume and Yazdi Palia

Sadanand Dhume is a bogus liberal – a lapdog of Modi. He periodically writes about liberalism. I worked out his collectivist mindset long ago, when he supported Modi outright. Just noting. Today I shared one of his articles on my FB page and noted:

Dhume is an arrogant intellectual hot air windbag who will never look around to acknowledge the work of people to change things, leave alone acknowledge the existence of Swarna Bharat Party’s sterling work over the past two years despite massive obstacles.

In that sense, Gurcharan Das is India’s only major intellectual and liberal and who has always **joined** all efforts in which I have been involved, starting from Sharad Joshi’s Swantantra Bharat Party in 2004, the Liberal Party of India that I floated in 2005, and now, Swarna Bharat Party.

Our party is personally briefing Gurchran tomorrow about our work. I respect those who walk the talk.

We will never waste time with hot air windbags like Dhume.

SBP is going directly to the people, and we will entirely skip all hot air windbags and “intellectuals”.

I’d also like to note another so-called windbag “defender of individual rights”, Yazdi Palia.

He wrote today on FB the following (FB notifies me when anyone writes about SBP):


To me, Congress is the least of the evils. With Congress, as long as it is headed by the Gandhis, one has a chance. With the others, you are up against the wall. Here, I will not include The Swarna Bharat Party. If given a choice, between the two, I would vote for the Congress, simply because, The Swarna Bharat Party, is not having enough footprints all over India. Had they got the small traders and the small and micro scale industries, to join them immediately after the Demonetization. They would have landed. Being a practical individual, today, I would vote for the Congress and exert pressure on them to lean towards “the primacy of individual rights”.

Now, I am peeved by this because I had mistakenly thought Yazdi to be a genuine liberal. I shared one or two of his posts on SBP’s page. I even made the mistake of being his FB friend at one time (fortunately I ejected him as part of my commitment to remove non-SBP members).

Now, I can understand why hardcore socialists like Sanjiv Bhatt, with whom I once interacted, did not join SBP. But till today I had found it hard to work out why “liberals” like Yazdi were not joining SBP.

Basically it turns out he too is a lapdog of corrupt socialist Congress – just like Sanjiv Bhatt – but more problematically than Sanjiv, he PRETENDS to be a liberal.

It is obnoxious in the extreme for any “liberal” to allege that SBP could have done more. OF COURSE NOT. SBP is merely a platform for liberals. It is THE INDIAN LIBERALS who need to do something about the situation and change things by joining SBP and moving things forward.

I started this project to bring political liberty to India for 20 years. No one asked me to do so, no one has ever paid me anything to do so. I detest corrupt traitor Congress and corrupt traitor BJP – the parties that have looted and destroyed India.

Despite overwhelming odds stacked up against people like me, we have managed to assemble a few leaders and start moving things on the ground.

But useless windbag “liberals” like Palia bring great shame to India. SBP has received NOT ONE PAISA of support from people like Yazdi. Not even any action on the ground. Plus, he has scrupulously avoided joining SBP but now publicly gives this lame excuse to support his pet corrupt socialist Congress – that SBP could have done more!!


That is why ONLY Gurcharan Das is respectworthy. HE ACTUALLY WALKS THE TALK. I respect ONLY such liberals.

Others are despicable humans pretending to be liberal who keep working out new excuses to ACTIVELY support corrupt socialists.

The other day I had blacklisted Barun Mitra and put his email ID on auto-delete, in response to his arrogant response when I asked him to assist SBP on the ground. These bogus liberals will not do ANYTHING to support SBP or liberty. Now I put Yazdi (from whom I had expected more), in the same category. Someone to totally avoid.



In Hindi we have a suitable phrase for such wolves in sheep’s clothing: धिक्कार है!!

Better to fight a losing battle from the moral high ground, than join the crooks because you have NO SPINE.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “The reason to avoid BOGUS “liberals” like Sadanand Dhume and Yazdi Palia
  1. Y. R. Palia

    Friend, Sanjeev, I have never claimed to be a “Liberal”. I have always maintained that I am an advocate of “the primacy of individual rights”. I have always maintained that Swarna Bharat Party comes closest to my idea of “the primacy of individual rights”. I still maintain that.
    I am not in a position to join SBP because of my personal reasons. The statement that I had made on fb was because, I had been ignorant about the activities on the ground that SBP has made.
    Since then, I heard your talk on the podcast and observe that you are confident of creating 500 leaders. If that turns out to be true, my first choice would be SBP.
    If you have the young leaders, and they do manage to reach out to the people, I will speak to groups, who may be able to arrange for large funds.
    I am sure, you will not need my help and I do not expect you to change your opinion of me.
    Here is wishing you and SBP, all the best.
    Regards .

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks, Yazdi.

    It is very rare for people whom I’ve publicly criticised to bother to talk to me again. I admire your making contact again, and accept your reason why you commented in favour of Congress.

    Please note, though, that I’m NOT “confident” about creating 500 leaders. That’s something I’ve been working on for two decades, and the results have been deplorable, to say the least. Mostly, that’s because I’ve focused first on the intellectuals/elites and thereafter on middle/upper middle class youth. Both groups are (almost) totally incapable of helping India. Everyone has an excuse (e.g. “I’m not in a position to join SBP”, “I’m not in a position to contest elections”, etc.).

    India is the only God-forsaken country in the world which is a democracy but where the handful of people who understand the principles of liberty DO NOT engage with politics. In fact, most don’t even vote. Plus we have a lot of fake “liberals” who are anarchists or some other type of useless people who have excellent rationalisataions for not doing anything. India is a sad case, indeed.

    Yazdi, I will send you a Facebook invite. Let’s work together to get the liberals of India to DO something. And more importantly, we now know where to find the leaders that India needs. Let’s go to the grassroots and search for them.

    Thanks, again, for your comment (and your other comment that I’m not going to publish at your request).