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My article on the Ram statue in Times of India on 27 November 2017

I was travelling this day (27 Nov) to India and couldn’t share this article on this blog.

Mostly likely you’ve seen this already, but sharing it again, nevertheless: Who’s pseudo-secular now? Sure, Yogi Adityanath, do build a Ram statue – but with your own money  

[high resolution PDF here]

Do read the largely obnoxious comments made by my “great” fellow citizens on the TOI website as well as their Facebook page, here. 

The fact that there were 1000+ likes on my article on TOI’s Facebook page is the only savings grace + the fact that I will receive the usual (around $100 AUD plus) from TOI for my article which I can use for advertising liberty on the internet.





Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “My article on the Ram statue in Times of India on 27 November 2017
  1. Raj

    Ya know what they say Sanjeev.. :) .. when ya have enemies, it’s a sign you’ve managed to stand up for *something* in life. And if you haven’t stood by something deep down that ya know is worthwhile — you just haven’t lived life well.

    Enemies are good. The outrage, anger, ‘I’m offended’, tyranny and much more.. something tells me it’s just worthwhile. Holding true to the Truth and to that voice in my heart — it’s peaceful.

  2. A V Raju

    I have read the article , and in fact all at my home read the article and it was simply brilliant. In our country the biggest problem is lack of education. I would better call discerning knowledge and right erudition. In fact , for most trolling articles written in response to articles written right earnest on religion or on Hindutva there would be IIT,IIM qualified writers trolling the main article. Does one with wrong logic, even he being an IIT-IIM studied legalise the illogic in the system. It is for the writer to think about it himself more than the gullible public who read it. But who cares in this nation. As long as confusion can be made to prevail, any agenda can be sanctified as legal , including that of gagging the right voices. It is only to confuse people and probably, give the readers a feeling that if some IIT-IIm guy responded, then the original writer must be wrong etc. This Sanjeevji , stems from a facism of a different kind. The article you wrote on erection of Statues , was bang on the point. In fact you did not talk of just Ram Statues but of any statue , that has no relevance to nation –
    and must be privately sponsored.
    Really wonder when would we be able to drive reason into he minds of our heavily polluted and smogged intellect of our masses, who can be readied for a stand-off at the behest of the divisive forces that concentrate on feeding stories but not roti/chaval. But we need you. A Man with conviction, erudition, experience and commitment. Thats all i can say . Regards

  3. YUGAL

    Mr. future Prime Minister of India, after abolishing taxes to support religious activities and capturing power in major states, would you free each and every temple from government control or continue to keep them under your liberal government control ? (Tirupati alone earned revenue of 2,678 Crore last year).

    Writting whole article against tax funded religious activities without mentioning that in UP alone Hindu Temples contributed 78 Crore to state government pocket.