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My theory of matter, revisited

The other day I saw a documentary that said that some scientists are working on the idea that light travelled much faster than its current speed in the initial stages of the Big Bang.

Now, that’s precisely what I’ve said – for many years.

In my mind, matter is nothing but light (energy) travelling in straight lines at speeds close to infinity, thereby bending space so tightly around it that it appears (to an observer) to have the ultra-attractive (adn repulsive) property called mass.

This idea is the same principle by which gravity is nothing but bent space. There is no gravity, just bent space.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am about this theory. I’ve not been able to agree with the idea that the Higgs boson explains matter/mass.

What happens, in my naive view, is that as particles collide in a cyclotron, the ultra-tight atomic “gravitational” force of the particles is disrupted and some energy ESCAPES from the original particle. It escapes in two forms: one, the energy that was already inside the particle: that continues at close to infinite speed and becomes a new sub-particle. The other bit is the “kick-off” given to space by this collision. Space “kicks” that new sub-particle at the speed of light – somewhat like the “kick” from a rubber band.

Basically, in this “theory” there is NO MATTER. Only energy. Matter is a clump of energy. I wish I had time to study this somewhat crazy idea.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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