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Let’s get the government out of running hospitals in India

It is a great myth that the government should provide health services. In this podcast, I examine the role of government in our health and show that government should only support the poor and cases of traumatic emergency.

In these cases, as well, the government must not directly provide any health service, but facilitate and coordinate as appropriate.

My podcast on this topic, today:

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Let’s get the government out of running hospitals in India
  1. Raj

    I would disagree Sanjeev.

    Even in the case of the poor, there is no role for the government. The ‘government’ after all, is none but an entity built on the taxes levied on people.

    Again, this is having one to compulsory pay for the poor.

    I see an issue here Sanjeev. Many happen to confuse the very point of life — to having a certain amount of wealth, health and assets.

    Let’s ask ourselves? Is this true? And is of such importance that we force others to shell out incomes to help others attain this ‘standard of living’?

    I say this — we’re born unequal. Our circumstances are unequal. But what we truly are are our souls, and all souls share equal characteristics. And the circumstances our souls inherit in this life is dependent on how we lived our past one. Reincarnation, yes, I think it does make sense.

    Thus if the purpose of it all is to simply do what *deep down* one knows one should, and do that throughout life, we shall never have be born again, and rid ourselves of agony.

    Point being, life is *fair*, and our circumstances are fair as they are determined by past life. Thus we mustn’t seek to prop up the poor by stealing from one and giving to the poor.

    The poor must accept their conditions, we all must actually, and the only thing the poor and everyone needs, is the preservation of their freedoms/liberties.

    To trample on such liberties of the richer, and prop up the poor for some irrational ‘goodness’ and ‘standard if living’ defeats what one should do, and the point of life itself.

    Just saying but loosening the stringent regulations in healthcare and particularly doctor licensing and medical education can perhaps go a VERY long way for low-cost medical services innovation.

    A doctor doesn’t need an A grade and a PhD to treat common cold, let’s demolish these regulations which force prices to stay high.

  2. Raj

    One other thing Sanjeev, as I do often peruse your blog and our party Facebook page too, I did notice a change.. you’ve updated the background post of course.

    I must confess I’m a bit unsettled by it. I do not want this or you, for that matter.. to turn into people/entities that become ‘holier-than-thou’.

    I see a lot of them already. They understand liberty, and shove it in everyone else’s faces screaming atop the edge of their lungs how they’re better. They like that others are worse off. It’s hateful.

    The ‘Socialism is immoral’ tag boldly put up on the page gives such a vibe. And as I am advertising these links on my Quora page and all.. I frankly do not want to seem associated with such organisations.

    Talkers. There’re tons of em. If we’re out here to do, and for a purpose that has meaning/sense.. let’s stick to that, and with humility.

    I hope you understand my concerns, however insignificant or pointless or even non-sensical they may seem at times.