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Announcing the discovery of (yet another!) cure – this time for incontinence after prostate surgery

I have come to the view that the fastest way to regain continence after prostate surgery is to jog/ run downhill.

This is based both on the theory of muscle recovery and my experience.

A search across google shows that no one has previously found this solution. The entire science of continence has remained stuck in the 1950s – with Kegel exercises. This means a good number of post-prostate cancer patients remain heavily incontinent for the whole of their life.

The reason for this dismal state of affairs is that doctors/ physios who recommend exercises have no personal experience of cancer and are merely repeating like parrots what they have learnt. And the vast majority of prostate cancer patients are not critical thinkers and do not study the issue in detail or experiment with themselves.

I’ve come to the view that Kegel exercises are fine in the initial stages but the moment one can start jogging (say around 3 months after surgery, after inner injuries have fully healed) one should switch to jogging downhill as the MAIN form of exercise.
I’ve been delighted by the progress I’m making after each downhill run.

Now, my incontinence has not been fully cured yet, but in my view whatever future progress I’m going to make is going to come because of running downhill. There’s no guarantee I’ll become fully continent, but THIS is the way forward.

Some people say that one should reduce weight in order to improve incontinence. I have NOT reduced any weight but each time I run downhill, I start seeing a noticeable improvement in a day or two.

So cutting weight – even doing Kegels – is NOT a solution to this issue.

Why is running downhill the solution?

Because it puts pressure on not just the pelvic floor muscles, but the entire abdominal area and the many blood vessels and nerves/ control centres that are involved. All of them are therefore FORCED to improve their performance.

Merely focusing on Kegel exercises (as 99.99 per cent of doctors/ physios do) is NOT going to reactivate and retrain the entire machinery of continence.

Btw, I have been discovering – and reporting on – cures for other major issues as well, on the way – for instance, the cure for RSI and for eyestrain (two major issues I have suffered – and fixed by myself after futile thousands of dollars spent on doctors and the lot) – these cures were hitherto entirely unknown to the medical profession. I’ve also confirmed some rarely known cures (i.e. not known to the medical profession) for a number of other issues, including dealing with my heart, heel pain, nail fungus and others. All these are on my blog/s.

I think patient-scientists have the responsibility to study the problem they experience and conduct experiments, since it is futile to expect solutions from those who have no direct experience of the problem.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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