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The ultra-rotten idiot ex-Armyman “Col Bharadwaj” email id:

I receive all kinds of messages, many positive, some ignorant, some arrogant, some abusive, some death threats.

This one is strange coming from an alleged ex-Army man.

I’m posting this in full, and will ban this idiot from ever communicating with me again. The kinds of statements this man makes are beyond belief. That such an idiot got into the Indian army is a sign of severe dysfunction.



Good that you have joined Savarna party which has base of brass & coating of 24 carrot gold to hood wink the people. People like you are honest till you get an opportunity & then you join hands with most corrupt people of India. I wonder what back ground you come from but I am sure it must be the type you have described. Can you quote one instance in your life when you faced difficult circumstances and did not yield to easier path and did not bribe your way out. Preaching is very easy but to follow it is very difficult . I am sure if I make you a head master to run a school you would fail. You have guts to criticise an honest person our present PM. It looks you have lost your mental balance to pass such adverse remarks against our PM. It shows that you come from such a family where you were taught to disrespect your own elders. I feel sorry for you and the political party you come from . If you think even one million people like Mr. Modi can  eradicate corruption you are mistaken . Till we the corrupt people do not join hands with the PM  to eradicate deep rooted corruption which has creeped in our blood over seven decades nothing will be achieved. People like you will keep on barking to achieve their ill conceived motives with out any gain to the country .
Col. Bhardwaj (Retd )
Sent from my iPad Col. Bhardwaj


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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6 thoughts on “The ultra-rotten idiot ex-Armyman “Col Bharadwaj” email id:
  1. Rakesh Mittal

    I don’t agree with the language you have used. There is always a better way to protest. I don’t know how to post a picture which i have mailed to Col.Bhardwaj asking him to comment on the honesty of our PM

  2. Dip

    Sanjeev, this is the case with *MOST* Indians. I am not sure what got your goat here knowing fully well that this is a land of really misguided citizens in need of an urgent overhaul. If you refer to your post about Indians being 500 years behind, this is a burning proof of that :). This mindset is showcased everywhere even among some of my extremely ‘learned’ friends. I understand that the post from the Colonel is autistic and proves again the fact that we Indians are incapable of original objective thinking. Too much social and religious conditioning weighs on Indians along with socialist mis-governance. This has mechanised Indians to be like thoughtless Zombies. My earnest request would be to not take offense but to completely ignore him considering he is a retard needing urgent psychiatric intervention :D.

  3. Ravinder Kumar Singal

    Col. Bhardwaj is a blind Modi Bhakat and there are hundreds of his type who believe in Modi’s false promises and way of Governance. Banning such an Ex. Army man amounts to giving him respect. He should not have been mentioned in this post at all, we can’t change such Bhakats. They will always remain so.

  4. prem Sabhlok

    The greatest evil effect of our 70 years of rudderless Socialism imposed on us by Pt J.L Nehru is that “WE” the sovereign People of India have been made optional voters and only numbers and helpless watchers of the ruin of India. Our Prime Minister may be very sincere but the various systems created by rudderless Socialism like continuation of spineless rusted steel frame of IAS colonial model bureaucracy, rise of number of MPs/MLAs/Councillors with criminal outlook, wide spread of pious forgeries by Babas, Devis, Swamis etc, delayed justice, making cities after cities urban nightmare and umpteen other social, moral, spiritual evils will not allow the Priime Minister to succeed.
    The mind of the over 99 % “WE” the People of India has been closed by Socialism. Public Servants have become Masters and Sovereign people of India still do not know why it has happened. Even the thought of improving the system dose not enter their mind. May God save India from this rudderless Socialism. Col Bhardwaj is also a part of the system. There will be umpteen millions of Col Bhardwaj kind of people in India. At least those who are awake and vigilant should continue to make effort to improve the pathology of the state of India. Prem Sabhlok

  5. Raj

    Many a small men will stand in our way, for they necessarily must as it always has happened whenever one has chosen to take a stand and fight for the Truth, with true intents.

    It’s a part of the process Sanjeev. We must ready ourselves for many, many more if we intend to stick on this path till the end.

  6. Raj

    Rakesh Mittal, you must deal with your difficult feelings if it hurts you so much. It’d serve ya well.