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Swarna Bharat Party declares its intent to enter electoral politics – by announcing its first Lok Sabha candidate for 2019

I’ve widely shared the SBP media release on this subject today. Also sharing it here. Source. I would like to congratulate Rabi Kant on his being selected as SBP’s first candidate.

National Press Release – to be released across India

19 October 2017 – for immediate release

Swarna Bharat Party announces Rabi Kant Bharti as its first candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections

Mr Rahul Pandit, Working President of Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party, today announced Mr Rabi Kant Bharti as the party’s first candidate for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Mr Bharti will contest from Bhadohi in Eastern U.P.

Mr Pandit said that India’s socialist parties – such as Congress, BJP and AAP – oppose reason and have destroyed incentives for integrity. Without the exercise of reason and freedom, India will remain a Third World nation that ranks at the bottom of the world on all human indicators. Corruption is merely a symptom of the diseased thinking of these parties.

Even at the administrative level, these parties blindly follow the British colonial system of governance, such as the IAS. Today, India’s governance system is undoubtedly one of the worst in the world and is entirely unaccountable. India’s outdated civil services must be replaced with an accountable machine of governance.

Only a liberal party – committed to liberty, individual rights, accountability and world-best policies – can lead India out of this morass. Mr Pandit said that 2019 will be the first time since independence that a comprehensive and detailed liberal manifesto will be offered to the people of India. SBP offers India the way forward to compete with the best nations of the world on quality of life and prosperity.

Mr Rabi Kant Bharti has been working hard over the past three years to explain the ideas of liberalism to the people of Bhadohi. He offers a completely new way of thinking and a completely new way forward for India: liberalism is the polar opposite of India’s dominant ideology, socialism. Rabi’s biodata, including his priorities for his constituents, is available at

Mr Pandit said that every journey starts with the first step. India has now taken the first step to freedom and prosperity. He invited everyone to join in this journey by joining SBP and stepping forward to contest the 2019 elections.

Notes for Editors

SBP is India’s only liberal party, committed to defending liberty and promoting prosperity.


Rahul Pandit (Hyderabad) National Working President, +91 9703425422

Rabi Kant Bharti (Bhadohi), candidate for the 2019 elections, +91 8576088695

Sanjeev Sabhlok (Melbourne),

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Swarna Bharat Party declares its intent to enter electoral politics – by announcing its first Lok Sabha candidate for 2019
  1. A V Raju

    Congrats Rabi Kant on being nominated candidate for the 2019 elections. I have been silent for a few months, having changed my job and adjusting to the new atmosphere, but very briefly writing to Mr Sabhlok during the period he was contemplating on an operation , wishing him all well – you could say praying ( I am not religious though, but nevertheless worried for him ).
    But i am delighted that he has the courage to persist with the schedules and the vision of SBP . I am very proud of Mr Sabhlok. Would also congratulate Mr Rahul Pandit for the efforts and for sharing the vision. It is very depressing to note that we are moving from bad to worse and no signs of recovery. As a financial analyst i have some statistics * – the top manufacturing 100 Companies of the country is about 3% in number and has 65% of the assets and about 68% of the Bank Debt. A large part of it is NPA. if we take top 500 companies it is around 15% in number cornering 82% of assets and about 93% of overall debt.A bog part of it is NPA. No solution so far , only the fora for resolution is changing and may most likely never be resolved . I was lecturing to a group of executives in my office and some interesting things emerged from it. Ordinary tax payers , honest employees really look forward for one asset probably . A home . ROI on it is around 9%. is there a risk of non payment of the loan . Most Probably Nil unless it is involved in a scam which in case of honest is ruled out . What is the risk in 82% of assets covering the 93% of overall debt in our country . Higher or lower ??? . Most told me it is higher compared to Home loans . Then why is it that the loans have been given to many companies at close to MCLR ?? .We have managed to nail one corporate Mallaya. Where is the economy headed? Unemployment, inflation , price rise ,failed , unkept promises. Who is audit all this? Nil Transparency. Yes arrive elections and the reality of polarisation on lines of language , religion, community and geography would surface but the Indian is lost submerged and never to rise out of the shambles that are being steadily heaped on the common man. Yes ! we need someone who understands economics and has the intellect to stay clear of confusion and the heart and boldness to fight corruption. Monetary is only a part of the corruption. Intellectual and moral corruption is much ,more dangerous to the fabric of the nation and we must rescue , save and restore the country – for no one else but to our own selves . In this lies the happiness of our people and our state.
    Great beginning , I am immensely happy , Congrats Mr Sonawal also. am sure it is a small step for Rabi Kant but a giant leap for SBP . Good night ,and Mr Sanjeev , how are you?
    ( *data taken from igidr and relevant to the peak bank credit slowdown period ion India )

  2. Raj

    This is excellent Sanjeev. The efforts are starting to show some real effect, in the sense of translating activism to actual attaintment of power. However, the activism and the awakening of people, is almost just as important as transforming the Constitution. :)