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India is at least 500 years mentally behind the West, so its journey to rationality and prosperity is going to be really slow

On FB, I asked earlier today: Does India have a death wish? What else explains its fascination with socialism?

I think the death wish is explained by the almost total lack of rational thinking in India.

With every passing day it becomes clearer that every assumption I made about India’s potential to succeed was wrong.

Yes, India can – but almost its entire population is severely irrational, hard-wired with belief systems that block any ray of knowledge from entering the people’s minds. There is massive resistance to rational discourse; it is impossible to discuss and debate issues in a manner that is common practice in the West.

Consider the economic way of thinking, which is a subset of the scientific way of thinking. Economic thinking is far more counter-intuitive than physical science, but its underlying dynamic – of investigation – is the same. But Indians are fatally immune to scientific thinking and the economic way of thinking.

Things that are blatantly obvious (“visible” like gravity to the most novice of thinkers) are opaque for Indians to grasp, no matter how many times one explains.

The difference between the West and India is essentially a difference in the level of rationality in the society.

The proportion of the irrational in the West is now around 80 per cent, compared with India’s 99.999999 per cent. (Actually, one can count the rational people of India on one’s finger tips).

The journey of the West to rationality started around 500 years ago. It only takes 3-5 per cent rationality to completely transform a nation. The West achieved that around 250 years ago.

In India the journey to rationality has not even started. It may take it well over 500 years to achieve the state that the West achieved 250 years ago.

The scientific method needs to be taught very young, for it becomes impossible later in life for people to change their beliefs. For India to succeed, its children will need to be first hard wired for rationality. This will include inculcating the economic way of thinking.

I think the project to transform India is going to take a lot more work than I had initially thought.

At the moment, it is clear that Indians’ beliefs are hard wired for failure and therefore nothing much can be done as their cycle of failure repeats endlessly. Totally blocked minds.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “India is at least 500 years mentally behind the West, so its journey to rationality and prosperity is going to be really slow
  1. Diptopal

    I agree. Could you cite some instances of the irrationality also? Do you mean religious fanaticism as well besides socialism?

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    People are definitely rational in their day to day affairs (buying/selling), but in big issues (such as governance, religious belief) they exhibit total slavery to authority and consequent irrationality.

    The individual as the final arbiter of all truth does not exist in the Indian mind. They are slaves of some “guru”/ scripture/ or “leader”.