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How “mercanaries” can offer highly successful fighting services at much lower cost than bulky armies

We all know how the nimble Vietnamese soldiers – on a shoe-string budget – destroyed the greatest armies of the world.

We also know how gangs of very poorly armed Naxalites, ULFA and Taliban are able to terrorise heavily armed paramilitary forces.

What is it about fighting nimbly that government forces cannot do?

I’ve been very closely associated with the Indian army and police for much of my life and can assure you that heavy-duty forces suffer severely from lack of agility.

To fight an agile enemy, you need an agile defence.

That’s something ONLY private armies are able to provide.

Joyson shared this video about how “mercanaries” have wiped out ship pirates of Africa and how they are able to deliver outstanding services for a mere 8 per cent of the cost of the American army.

I was also reminded of the book The Myth of National Defence edited by Herman Hoppe (which should be mandatory reading by everyone).

We generally do not spend much thinking about the efficiency of our defence expenditures, but it is CRUCIAL that we do so, since we pay a huge bill for it every year as taxpayers.

We need competition in the defence market, equally as we need competition in all other markets.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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