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A call to all Indian liberals/libertarians – please visit Bhadohi to campaign for Rabi Kant Bharti. We must aim to win.

SBP has to win Bhadohi else liberalism will never get started in India.

Can I invite all liberals to visit Bhadohi and campaign for Rabi? (see this in case you’ve missed it).

Some form of local accommodation (not the greatest, but sufficient to get by) can be arranged for those who wish to join the campaign. Travel costs (and incidentals) will need to be borne by you, given SBP is currently in a very incipient stage of development.

The last time Sanjay Sonawani visited – a few weeks ago – he found that there was a HUGE demand for the ideas that SBP represents. Now we need a sustained campaign that covers each and every person in Bhadohi at least 2-3 times over the coming 18 months and persuades them why they should vote for SBP in 2019.

Please write to me at when you are ready to spare a few days to visit Bhadohi.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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