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What a total ass, this Alphons – and my misjudgement of people exposed once again

A few years ago I studied the writings of Alphons (publicly on this blog) and came to the view that he might be suitable for joining SBP.

I had once before met him in 1999 or so while I was in the IAS, but that’s history. I wrote to him in 2014 and we met in July 2014 at the India International Centre. Of course, his joining SBP was not going to happen. He was smitten by Modi.

Now this guy has become India’s tourism minister and one of the first thing he says is: “Eat Beef In Your Country Before Coming to India“.

What a total ass, this Alphons. (Sorry, but there’s no word more suitable and descriptive.)


And he is now India’s Tourism Minister. Surely no one in his right senses will travel to India.

Alphons is one of a long string of people whom I’ve misjudged over the past 20 years. I get misguided by reading someone’s writings and assume he/she is liberal but they are NOT!

The list is huge but prominent ENEMIES OF LIBERTY disguised as promoters of liberty include (apart from Alphons):

  • Madhu Kishwar
  • Atanu Dey
  • Deepak Lal
  • Jadgish Bhagwati
  • Surjit Bhalla
  • Bibek Debroy
  • Narayana Murthy
  • JP of Loksatta
  • Nandan Nilekani (I still have some hopes from him – but I know I’m being a fool when I still think he could help India)

Plus hundreds of minor ones – Somnath Bharti, LK Kandpal, Shantanu Bhagwat.

Plus full-fledged crooks like Ramdev.

The sad thing is that I’ve personally met and engaged with all of these people – sometimes at great personal cost (e.g. thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of my time) – and have had great hopes from them.

Plus I’ve engaged with hundreds of others like Rajesh Jain whom I’ve not met. But …


As Trump would say, “Sad”.

India has been betrayed repeatedly by its own people.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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6 thoughts on “What a total ass, this Alphons – and my misjudgement of people exposed once again
  1. KIshore

    Sir why do you think JP of loksatta to be enemy of liberty? Could you kindly give precise list of reasons that makes him enemy of liberty in your opinion.

    In fact, if its not too much to ask, to educate your wider readers, could you write a blog post for each of the persons precisely pinpointing the reasons that make them enemies of liberty

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    In each of these cases I’ve written on this blog, so not going to write again.

    Re: JP – his bootlicking of criminal Modi was the acme of his achievement for India. I have written about that incident on this blog. Since that day I have broken all relations with JP and Lok Satta. Btw, his “president” Surendra Srivastava is an even greater illiberal and bootlicker of Modi.

    I’m afraid the moment anyone claims to be “liberal” and then turns about to support criminal RSS/BJP/Modi, that person has lost me.

  3. Ramakrishnan Marar


    Don’t you think much more people must see and read your articles, which could be educative to many.
    By changing the settings, I will be able to, forward your articles to many people.
    Hope you will do the needful.

    With great Regards
    Ramakrishnan Marar

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m afraid my wordpress site is already overloaded and really slow. Adding any more plugins would bring it down. Please cut and paste URL to share.

  5. vijay

    “Eat beef before coming to India” is proof of failure of rationality and critical thinking as well as liberty. Alphons is being projected as some sort of role model for politicians here, by the media.

    My solution(Sanjeev, what do you think?) – None of our schools/colleges teach philosophy. It is not even in the syllabus. We have moral science/value education but nothing that teaches critical thinking, logical deduction, questioning etc. If you have this included from say atleast standard 5, I think we might see some improvement. (But the teachers have to be trained first!)

  6. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    There is no role for any mandatory requirement (government regulation) to force teachers to teach critical thinking. The West did not adopt critical thinking because of its governments but because of its scientists and thinkers.