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The violent Hindu (or, the Myth of the non-violent Hindu)

“Plz give me one example… when a Hindu killed in name of religion”.

This is a comment someone made during a debate. I’m afraid I was taken aback. Never expected people to be so blind to basic facts.

I know that most Indians claim their country is the greatest (they deny poverty, they deny crime, they deny corruption), but I never knew that I’ll come across someone who even denies the ultra-violence of Hindus.

But Hindus are an extremely violent group of people. Data since independence are clear: that Hindus as a group have killed lakhs of Dalits, burnt lakhs of their wives for dowry, lynched Christians and Muslims (not in as big a number), shot dead rationalists and those who oppose Hindutva, and killed MANY MORE Muslims in riots than Hindus (+ have instigated violence in most such riots).

Overall, they have been more “terrorist” than any other group in independent India.
These are the hard facts, each of these backed up by vast amounts of independent data.

Sheer numbers are clear: MANY more innocent Muslims have been murdered in independent India during riots and other events such as lynchings, than innocent Hindus – all the “Muslim terrorism” combined.

Hindus are “concerned” about triple talaq, but lakhs of Hindu women have been burnt alive for dowry.

Hindus are concerned about “Muslim terrorism” but every year hundreds of Dalits are killed by upper caste Hindus – apart from other oppression meted out to them.

And they tell me that Hindus are non-violent!! Spare me!

And it is clear that Modi is taking India into total darkness:

“Perceived threats to this Hindu India are then made targets of violence. The targets are usually ordinary Muslims who are attacked and lynched. In the name of Hindutva and Hindu rashtra, the rule of law is made to disappear and mob violence prevails. And because perpetrators of this kind of violence are always supporters of the ruling political dispensation, the police become bystanders and no action is taken against the inciters and the executors of violence.” [Source]

MY COMMENTS TO Donna Laframboise – below

Unfortunately, the West has never bothered to examine the hard facts about Hindu religion. Either they have focused on translating its ancient scriptures (but not analysing these critically) or on meditation and exercises like yoga.

Then again, people like Gandhi are seen as representatives of Hindu religion, despite that fact that many Hindus hated him (and hate him) to the core and one of them killed him for his “betrayal of Hindus”.

Gandhi was no Hindu, really. Except for his staunch support for the caste system (and his acute racism against the “negros”), and following a few religious rituals taught by his mother, he was educated and lived abroad for much of his formative years. He had close to zero knowledge of Hindu scriptures; most of his non-violent ideology is directly copied from Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience. Important to realise that there is not the slightest (and I mean **not the slightest**) promotion or practice of non-violence in any Hindu scripture. Violence is constantly justified in the scriptures. No wonder many Hindus hate Gandhi violently for misrepresenting Hinduism.

Hinduism often appears to be “mystical” and “peaceful”. But looking inside Hindu families – even in the West – one will often find strong elements of violence, particularly against girls/women. Burning alive of women for not bringing enough dowry remains a common practice – particularly in India. Women who are raped are not protected/ defended by their own families – honour killings are common; widows are forced out of the house and live in the most deplorable conditions (many are used as sex slaves in temples).

Please get in touch with Canadian film maker Deepa Mehta who has produced some of the most powerful movies on the plight of Hindu women.

Please watch Fire (1996), Earth (1998), and Water (2005) to get to know something about Hinduism.


Addendum: This photograph of two murdered teens should disturb an India that has normalised hate – Revulsion fatigue is evident, although cow-related hate crimes have risen 10-fold since 2014.


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