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Sri Sri Ravishankar the conman making a fool of Indians in the name of Gauri Lankesh

I was browsing twitter for news/opinions on #GauriLankesh

Chanced upon this tweet on which I must comment, given that in the past Sri Sri Ravishankar has directly attacked the work of a rationalist who put out an analysis of Ravishankar’s crooked methods on Youtube.

First Ravishankar’s tweet:


Now go and read this blog post: Art of Living’s Sri Sri Ravishankar – con man PLUS enemy of the truth. A total BETRAYAL OF HINDUISM (Advaita and Satyameva Jayate).

In this blog post I report on a video that Ravishankar managed to get pulled down from Youtube – a video that EXPOSED HIS FRAUDULENT ACTIVITIES.

So much for “freedom of expression”.

It is a terrible shame that people like Ravishankar have been supporting the Hindutva fanatics and BJP. Almost certainly the Hindutva group is responsible for killing Gauri Lankesh.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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