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Sanjay Sonawani’s lecture outlining why socialism is ruining farmers – and the people of India

Swarna Bharat Party Facebook page post that I think is worth replicating on my blog.

Mr Sanjay Sonawani, senior leader of Swarna Bharat Party delivered a lecture yesterday evening (1st September 2017) at Phaltan in Maharashtra, at the New Faltan Sugar Works.
The topic of the lecture was: “Why is there no equality?”

Mr Sonawani said that even though the Indian Constitution purports to uphold equality, freedom and fraternity, it actually undermines these very principles. Equality means equality under the law but the Constitution denies citizens such equality (by creating special shelters within the Schedules). In particular, laws on property and food security deny farmers their basic equality of treatment under the law.

Globalization has helped many Indians, but farmers – who constitute more than half of India’s population – have been denied their basic freedoms.

Mr Sonawani said that Mahatma Gandhi advocated liberty and did not support socialism, but progressives have neglected this aspect of Gandhi. If Nathuram Godse assassinated Gandhiji physically, Nehru killed his thoughts soon after coming into power.

Most of the social strife today arises from our dysfunctional economic system but few are demanding a change in the laws which are obstructing India’s progress.

Only through liberty can opportunities be created for all. Socialism makes a few people rich. It has nothing to offer India.

Unless Liberty is achieved, there will never be genuine equality – and thus fraternity – in India.

Mr Sonawani’s lecture was well received.

In this regard it may be noted that New Faltan Sugar Works is a profit making private enterprise while many co-operative sugar factories have collapsed because of mismanagement and corruption.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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