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Please watch for this crook, Gurinder Singh and report him to the police

As you know I wrote about the great irrigation department scam in Panjab here, and provided great detail here and here.

Now it appears that Gurinder Singh, one of the kingpins of the racket, has disappeared!

Construction contractor Gurinder Singh, main suspect in the ongoing Vigilance Bureau investigation into the suspected favours and illegal tendering in projects of the Punjab Irrigation Department, has absconded, but not before withdrawing more than Rs 100 crore from his bank accounts.

Vigilance officials say they have discovered unaccounted for heavy cash withdrawals amounting to more than Rs 100 crore from Gurinder Singh’s personal bank accounts (HDFC and Punjab and Sind Bank), made after the investigation became public in May. [Source]

After making a song and dance about catching the big fish, the brilliant Panjab Government lets the main culprit draw his cash and DISAPPEAR!!

The system is rotten beyond belief. Looks to me that everyone is complicit from top to bottom. IAS officers have been implicated. I have heard ghastly reports about one of my IAS batchmates.


If you spot him, report him to the police!

(Although I suspect police will be glad to find him so they can join hands and share some of his loot. Indian police is a bunch of goondas themselves).

More on this crook: Punjab Irrigation Scam: Contractor Gurinder Singh absconding; VB unearths trail of assets, transactions

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