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My whooshka podcast: Why BJP was guaranteed to fail miserably

I’ve figured out how to embed my podcast on my blog (below). Its URL here. You can subscribe to my podcast’s RSS here.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “My whooshka podcast: Why BJP was guaranteed to fail miserably
  1. Raj

    Great podcast!

    I would disagree with the assertion that education is what makes people employ reason.

    I would say it’s courage. It takes great courage to reject falsehood which necessarily is driven by one’s Ego, and fight that beast within and employ good sense.

    The difference between the West (by which I mostly mean the Germanic nations — particularly English ones. This obviously excludes Italy, Spain etc.) and others is that they’ve got the *courage* to use reason, and hold by the Truth.

    After all, much of our ‘education’ has come about subsequently in the last 300 years from the West alone.

    Courage is all that matters, and is the only guarantor of a better life. A free nation is not one of cowards.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I meant education in the sense that path breakers like Francis Bacon, Hobbes and Locke were needed to first put things down in writing, so others could read and understand, and then (and only then) did courageous leaders like Jefferson emerge.

    India has not had any thought leadership. All its major leaders have been socialists. And continue to be so. (Of course, we have a smattering of new leaders on SBP, but these leaders have barely made a dent on the Indian psyche).

    Our task for the next 100 years is to educate the country about liberty. Then, and only then, will the courageous come forward.

  3. Raj

    Yup. I do feel that Hobbs and Locke and so many others in England, back to the time of Magna Carta had made bit-by-bit moves towards Liberty.

    Though even these people who theorised and proselytised liberty did indeed need to have the courage to look past ALL the nonsense prevalent at their age, reject the societal norms founded in irrationality and make a pitch for reason.

    I’m of the view that even these great founders, had only come about *after* gathering the courage to reject irrationality.

    I’m sure showing people the Truth and bringing it to their faces could help, but it is only and ONLY them who can choose to build the courage to see the Truth, accept it, and uphold it.

    Thus America’s Justice Brandeis’ lovely quote “Our founding fathers realised the secret to happiness was Liberty, and the secret to Liberty was courage.”

    It needs Courage Sanj. Cowardice will NOT do, just like you have showed UNFATHOMABLE amount of courage to start and run this show for 2 tough decades, in a sea of stupidity in India.


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