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Muslims are joining my Facebook page against religion in LARGE numbers

I started this page some time ago: End Religion Bring Peace.

There are now nearly 1000 members of this page. And the most interesting thing is that MOST of these members are Muslims.

It is clear that Islam is undergoing a revolution, internally. People are abandoning the faith even as they may appear to remain devout on the surface (because of the risk of being killed if they renounce their religion openly).

Join this page!

The day man rejects religion, a semblance of peace may finally come to earth.


addendum, 16 Sept 2017 – below


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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7 thoughts on “Muslims are joining my Facebook page against religion in LARGE numbers
  1. Mudit Srivastava

    The Islamic world is undergoing a major revolution at the moment which is spearheaded by Saudi Arabia. The biggest give away has been the alliance which the Gulf Cooperation Council have formed with Israel. ISIS was defeated by Iraqi forces with tremendous assistance provided by commandos of GCC. In the past two years, Saudi clerics have come out with statements which couldn’t have been imagined a decade back. They have bringing about small changes at every level of their governance.
    A great anecdotal example is that of a woman who uploaded a video of hers in a skirt was let go and wasn’t prosecuted (something that wasn’t imaginable a decade back). I don’t claim to be an expert at Saudi Arabia, but it seems that tremendous changes are happening over there.
    India on the other hand, evokes very little hope. It’s extremely difficult to get simple points across to educated people. Most have no idea of the importance of private property rights and refuse to listen. The fight for liberty is indeed extremely difficult.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Really glad to hear that Saudi Arabia is changing.

    Yes, India is the pits – the TOTAL rock bottom of the world in terms of basic integrity, freedom, property rights. But someone has to battle the “educated” obscurantists of India. Do join me in that fight. It is a very difficult fight but very important to engage in it.

  3. Raj

    I would be sceptical Sanjeev. You probably just seemed like another “secular” guy that they flcoked here.

    I men after all, there was no clear explicit wordings asking people to reject the scripture of Quran, and employ reason.

    I may come off as anti-Muslim, but please trust me I’m not. I just really, REALLY despise destruction of private property and unjust laws above all. Assault comes a close second.

    It’s just how I see it.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    No, Raj. There is a clear and significant movement against Islam within totalitarian Islamic societies. This is a well documented fact.

    The internet is destroying all irrationality, including religions. No religion can escape being destroyed by the tsunami of reason.

  5. Joyson Fernandes

    I had an argument with an American leftist once. She’s a good woman, but very very wrong about Islam and the Arab world. I’m from the Middle East, so I know the religion and culture much better than she does.

    She criticized me for “living in Bahrain and damning Islam and their culture.”

    I responded, “I never say anything which secular Muslims or ex-Muslims living in the Islamic world don’t. Believe me, not everyone who lives in Islamic countries loves Islam or are even Muslim. There are dissenters, skeptics, and rationalists here too, like you have in the West. It’s over-simplistic to lump everyone who lives here into one category. People are diverse, even in Arab Muslim countries.”

    Yes, there are people like this too who live in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.

  6. Sawood Kaudeer

    People speak of Muslim world. What does this mean? If there is a Muslim world does that mean there is a Christian World , a Hindu World, non-Muslim world, etc? What sense does it make to arbitrarily pigeon hole people in ” imaginary” worlds. The fact is that there is only one world… and Progressives ( like me) believe there is ONE future for human kind. And I am Muslim , by the way. I don’t recognise a Muslim world or a Muslim community however much intellectuals want to ram these concepts down “our” throats.

  7. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I was in two minds to publish your comment, which is totally off-topic.

    The fact is that the ONLY way for there to be one future for mankind is for all people to KICK THEIR RELIGION – because it is false. ALL religions are false and dangerous. Let’s hope some sense prevails in the coming decades.