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More on Crispian Jago – the great rationalist who is now fighting advanced cancer

I introduced readers of this blog to Crispian Jago’s work in 2014, here. (Do read it – if only to refresh your memory).

Just a year later, in December 2015, kidney cancer hit Crispian with full force. It had already become advanced (Stage 4) and despite the complete removal of his right kidney, metastized within months.

Professionally, Crispian is “a freelance IT consultant specialising in the development of software test strategies and managing the full software testing of complex systems.”

But more importantly for the rest of the world, he “write[s] the satirical skeptical blog, “Science, Reason & Critical Thinking”, and [is] the co-founder and co-organiser of the Hampshire Skeptics Society and Winchester Skeptics in the Pub.” [Source]

Crispian is just 50 (or 51). He is coping with cancer in a most wonderful way. Every Friday he writes one more chapter of his book, Always Look on the Bright Side of Death.

Moreover, he has written a wonderful book, Ladybird book of Extremely Tedious Oncological Platitudes (I’ve converted this into PDF for ease of reading).


Please read his work and spread his ideas. There’s mountains of funny stuff on Crispian’s blog. A really nice booklet – The Ladybird Book of English Libel Law and Chiropractice Treatment

… much more on his blog.

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