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Vedic Hinduism is an Afghan religion – 100 per cent proofs

This is an elaboration by Tony Joseph of one of his earlier articles.

Clearly the archaeological theories (of Romila Thapar, and Wendy Doniger) and linguistic theories of Michael Witzel and many others are finding absolute proof in DNA data, as DNA technology gets clearer by the year. [I’ve elaborated and commented on these theories extensively on this blog elsewhere]

So, yes, there was a spurt of migration from Central Asia (via Afghanistan) into India around 4000 years ago.

This confirms my view that Zend Avesta was written first – prior to the Vedas. The Vedas COPIED its key arguments and “gods”.

Talageri is wrong. Sanjay Sonwani is right. He shows clearly how the rivers of Afghanistan are the ones cited in the Vedas.

Btw, my ancestors were Vedic Hindu and residents of Afghanistan. It is IMPOSSIBLE for Vedic Hinduism to have reached Afghanistan from the “cow belt” of India in those ancient times. This also proves that Vedic Hinduism was ORIGINAL to Afghanistan.

Finally, the facial features of my grandfather and uncles and aunties from my father’s side are closer to European/ Middle Eastern – not the typical Indian features. Now that I know they migrated from Afghanistan – and were pushed into India by the Partition, this makes further sense.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Vedic Hinduism is an Afghan religion – 100 per cent proofs
  1. Prem Sabhlok

    Vedic metaphysics were discovered by wise sages of yore in different parts of the world living between Eastern and Western Oceans (Pacific and Atlantic Oceans) five to eight thousand years ago. Zend Avesta was perhaps compiled (not written) earlier than Vedas as Vedas were compiled (not written) by Maharshi Veda Vyasa around four thousand years ago. Rig Veda has references to Prashva (Persia) and Ariana (Iran) and Mharishi Balmiki’s Ramayana about five thousand years ago has references to areas in Russia and East Europe. But no mention of Vedas as the name Vedas (i.e. ocean of Knowledge) was given later by Maharishi Veda Vyasa
    Prem Sabhlok


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