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Time to move content to the blockchain. Facebook and Google have become big cyber-bullies.

I’ve spent well over $3,000 (nearly $5K, I think) on FB advertising over the years. Despite that Facebook locked out my account for no rhyme or reason (apparently I violated some “community policy” )(no detail whatsoever was provided). It also meant that all the FB pages I run got locked out. It was later re-instated. As a precaution I’ve given admin access to a number of other friends to my pages, in case this happens again.

Later, in a separate incident, they locked down one of my advertising accounts – without any reason. And upon complaining repeatedly, they have not responded. I’ve drastically cut down advertisements on FB as a result. I don’t trust it any more.

A few months ago Youtube (owned by Google) created a nuisance for a perfectly legitimate SBP video. It forced monetisation of the party video (these videos are NOT monetised) by some random entity claiming copyright ownership over the song “saara jahaan se accha”. It is simply not possible – time wise – to litigate the issue, so we now have the situation where a party video is being monetised by someone somewhere in the world.

Just yesterday I was forced by Google to take down a blog post of mine from my own blog apparently for violation of its “violence” depiction policy. I republished that post on my Steemit account (I’m giving its bitly link for obvious reasons:

Now I hear that blogspot (owned by google) has shut down a blog maintained by an academic (see this).

It is clear that Facebook and Google are getting too big for their shoes. They are becoming cyber-bullies. No less.

It is time to start looking for blockchain solutions to upload and monetise one’s content.

BLOCKCHAIN WILL BE THE LIFELINE OF FREEDOM IN THE COMING CENTURIES. Steemit, Lbry, etc. – there are many others – are creating decentralised blockchain based social networks that NO ONE (ever) CAN SHUT DOWN.

It is essential that ALL speech (except direct incitement to violence) be allowed full play, unhindered. That is the only way the truth will progress.

Yes, Facebook and Google are private companies and I defend their right to censor content. But the way they are doing it is baseless, whimsical, counter-productive. They have become bullies.

Do they think they have the power to shut down the truth?? They are mistaken.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Time to move content to the blockchain. Facebook and Google have become big cyber-bullies.
  1. Krishna

    Sir if you love fiction, read a story call The Perfect Match by this very imaginative writer called Ken Liu, who imagines a future with companies like Amazon , Google and Facebook ruling every sphere of our lives through internet of things.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks for this. Won’t have time to read that book but this much I can say. Consumers are deeply unhappy with the ultra-arrogant and dominating/unresponsive style of some of these companies (btw, my experience with Amazon has been very positive to date, so I wouldn’t mix it with FB and Google). Consumers also don’t like ads (although I myself am guilty of using ads to monetise my content, including on this blog).

    I think at least some consumers will branch off from these mega-companies. What consumers want is simplicity – but simplicity can also be built on decentralised blockchains. Steemit is a very good example. LBRY is trying to be a blockchain Youtube. I’m confident that some of these efforts will bear fruit.

    Fingers crossed. In any case, I don’t want any arrogant ignorant fool (from Facebook/Google) imposing his deluded/ misguided ideologies on me. The way these people are behaving is unacceptable. I’ll switch at the first opportunity.