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Inner workings of yet another typical corruption scam in India (this one in Panjab). And its history includes attempted murder.

If you recall, I had posted some allegations against a senior IAS officer of Panjab here a few months ago. I am keenly and personally aware of the person against whom these allegations have been made. I have no doubt that these allegations have a strong element of truth in them.

In the meanwhile, one of the persons who knows more about this (and related) matters has got in touch with me. For obvious reasons I will not name this person.

Now, there are two key players to be discussed at this state in this case:

a) Gurinder Singh, contractor

Recall that the allegation which I published stated: “In Irrigation through his favourite contractor Gurinder Singh he started giving contracts of Irrigation and drainage of highly exorbitant prices which led to windfall gains for him and his family.”

Well, THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED. Just a couple of days ago, Tribune announced that Gurinder Singh had been arrested. [Panjab government announcement – I’m keeping a screenshot for future public record]  – THE BRILLIANT PANJAB GOVERNMENT LET HIM ESCAPE!!

An inquiry has reportedly found that senior government officers misused their official positions in connivance with Gurinder Singh over the past seven-eight years, thereby causing a huge loss to the state. They allegedly twisted rules, drafted tailormade terms for e-tendering, besides leaking secret information to Gurinder as regards development works worth Rs 1,000 crore. These works were allotted to him at “10% to 50% higher rates” as compared to departmental rates.

Note that the allegation on my blog and this finding by the inquiry match pretty well. I’m only surprised they did not find the direct link with this senior IAS officer.

[Update: More details regarding Gurinder Singh, published in Indian Express on 20 August 2017]

b) xxx, Superintending Engineer

Note that I’m not naming this person since his name is not yet in the public domain. However, the Tribune notes: “Some other officers/engineers/officials of the department had also been reportedly booked”.

I reliably gather that this xxx is facing arrest as part of this inquiry.

Now, I understand that this xxx has been implicated in attempted murder in the past. There are wheels within wheels.

Many others have already been named by The Tribune. I hope all names will be published soon.

There is a long standing CHRONIC and ENDEMIC culture of corruption in Panjab. I will share with a few people who matter. But I have no hope of any justice being received by anyone in India. The corrupt (and murderers) will continue to flourish. Amarinder Singh can do NOTHING about it since he is merely copying the existing system.

Let me repeat what I’ve always said: Even if some of these people are actually put behind bars, this is NOT going to change the culture of corruption one bit.

You need systematic reform, else expect corruption (and murder, to defend corruption) to continue unabated in India.

Join SBP and FIGHT – or forever hold your peace.

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