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Amitabh Kant continues to provide entertainment to India

This is a placeholder post for keeping a tab on India’s crown joker. (See my previous post on him).

Amitabh Kant does, sometimes, surprise with his apparent support for liberty. For instance, “Hand over schools, colleges, jails to private sector: Amitabh Kant“.

But we have to remember that if a monkey hits typewriter keys at random for an infinite amount of time it will create everything, including works of William Shakespeare.

Does Amitabh even know what he just said? Can anyone show me any book he has written on the logic that might underpin this? And does he know that the Modi government is one of the most socialist and Luddite governments we have ever had?

But in the same breath (in the same news report) he says:

“Private sector has performed very badly. Private sector in India is most irrational, insensitive I have seen”.

Actually, India’s private sector is one of the best in the world, operating in conditions where there is total chaos and lawlessness – created by arrogant statist IAS officers like Amitabh and by ultra-corrupt Ministers across the country.

But Amitabh has numerous other rants to his credit. For instance:

I challenge any other country to show they are more open than India  [Source: India Is The Most Open Economy In The World: Amitabh Kant]

He is happy for government to squander crores of rupees on his interventionist ideas:

He added that the government was going to spend Rs 340 crore in next few months’ time to promote digital transaction.

Various incentive schemes were announced to promote digital payments such as ‘Lucky Grahak Yojana’ and ‘Digi Dhan Vyapari Yojna’, he said, while assuring that the merchants would not be harassed by tax official by way of scrutiny of the previous years of books of accounts. [Source]

And he is apparently a “futurist” greater than Kurzweil:

By 2020, India Will Make Debit Card, Credit Card, ATM Machines Technologically Redundant: Amitabh Kant, NITI Aayog

Physical banks will perish in the next 5-6 years: Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant 

Note that he is not talking here about cryptocurrency, either. If he knew anything about cryptocurrency, I could have excused him. But this is just one more of his half-baked rants.

He has numerous other pearls of wisdom on “smart cities” and many other things, such as his mindless defence of demonetisation. I’ll add them when I find time. But if you have time, please share them in the comments section.


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One thought on “Amitabh Kant continues to provide entertainment to India
  1. Raj


    Ah, we have fresh new pieces of “good work” oozing out from these monsters in power, day after day actually. Did ya hear of the new “Startup Coast” program to “push” innovation?

    And, obviously, Kant being his “Tinkering labs” to “push” innovation. It is MARKETS that INCENTIVISE innovation. On the one hand, these smarties BLOCK free trade, curb FDI with a million “conditionalities” and don’t gather a pair to privatise government businesses.

    And meanwhile, ALSO blow up tax money on “pushing” innovation.

    Well S, I’m planning to make a new post on the latest economics blunder of these “futurists”. A national minimum wage! The last thing needed in a nation with sufficient unemployment!

    Go forth if you want to make a write-up yourself. Mine might take 3-4 days.


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