One-stop shop to make India 20 times richer

This is Modi’s India – TOTAL lawlessness.

A comment received on my blog:

I was asked bribe by my tenant’s son to vacate my house for which they are
not paying rent since 1993 and have occupied the property.
The matter is in the court and inspite of we won the case in our favour, but the tenant had appealed on the judgement without honouring the judgement and the money he is ordered to pay.
On the other hand, his son demanded bribe from me which I agreed to pay before the judgement was announced.
The bribery was asked after verbally harrassing me and threatening my family.
To protect my family best interest,
I arranged to pay the bribe to vacate my premises.
Later he refused on the amount and asked for more.
I cannot pay him the amount and I would like to file a complaint against him for asking for bribe.
What legal implications I can face?
And how & where can I proceed for the case.
Kindly guide me.

However, I have all the evidence by text messages and email that he had asked for bribe.


Shruti, this is very unfortunate, but as you know, in India the law may say something but it means nothing. The responsibility is squarely of voters who elect third rate corrupt socialist governments each time, none of which have any interest in ensuring the rule of law. That is why you should now join and support Swarna Bharat Party, India’s only liberal party. That is the only real solution.

In this particular case, the law should protect you since you have been intimidated (IPC 503/506 criminal intimidation) – HOWEVER, please note that when you go to the police, they will also probably intimidate you. All branches of government are pure goondas in India.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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