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There is ZERO chance of India becoming a First World nation without fundamental governance reforms

My comment on an article today:

The situation described in this article is typical of all activities in which the Indian government is involved. We do not have basic rule of law. We do not protect property. Justice is so heavily delayed that it is non-existent for all practical purposes. Then, there’s little infrastructure and there are dysfunctional primary and secondary school systems. Vocational training in manufacturing and construction trades is almost non-existent. Almost all ministers are corrupt and almost all bureaucrats are incompetent. With this kind of governance it is futile to aspire to become a First World nation any time soon.

I resigned from the IAS after working in the government for 18 years (6 of them abroad in higher studies) and realising that the system is fundamentally corrupt and incompetent.

I firmly believe that only through political action we can address the total failure of India’s governance system. Since I resigned I have been working towards this alternative. I am now part of India’s only liberal party which offers a comprehensive set of reforms that will, without any doubt, take India out of its Third World quagmire.

I invite all those who are fed up with India’s corrupt and incompetent governance to consider the political route. Unfortunately, none of the existing mainstream parties are up to this task.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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