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The ultra-puerile, nonsensical “good people” theory of governance

Key comments from my FB post here. The “good people” theory of governance is the most obvious sign of someone’s ignorance about basic economics and governance. This theory is typical not only of the socialists but of the thousands of half-baked “economists” and “liberals”.


India’s problem is the design of its governance system and policies. If people don’t understand this point, they can be as honest as they like and they will totally fail to change anything.

Half baked ideas continue to flourish. No takers for serious work, that will involve a lot of thinking and understanding.


It takes ENORMOUS intelligence to create good institutions, which neither you have a clue about nor most Indians. I’ve not seen one single writing of yours which shows how to create good institutions in India.

Hence the delusion that “good” people can do anything good for the country.


Just like LKY is not a “good” people alone, so also the leaders of Australia are not “good” people alone.

It takes ENORMOUS sense and competence to design good institutions. 99.99999 per cent of Indians have no policy competence or sense and hence cannot design good institutions.

You may be a “good” people yourself but will be entirely useless to India unless you understand this point that governance is a science, not some random thing that any “good” person can do.

Then you will need to start studying how good institutions in India must look like. Then work out a transitional path.

If you are interested, all this is already explained in BFN + SBP manifesto.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “The ultra-puerile, nonsensical “good people” theory of governance
  1. Raj

    Ah, the classic argument of the primitive human. To this marvelous creature, the image of being ‘moral’ is all that counts.

    It is this very creature which riles against free speech calling it ‘Hate Speech’ when it hurts this person’s emotions; the very same being which taxes the life out of rich people who’ve earned their money as he’s jealous of it; the very same being which mandates playing the national anthem in theatres as not standing for the national anthem is ‘immoral’ and it makes the ones standing feel like fools.

    The classic “good person”.

    AAP was full of “good people”. They shut liquor shops, increased minimum wages and nearly killed Uber’s business in the city with penalties and mandates.

    One thing astonishes me though. These fine “good people” are SOO VERY ARROGANT that they will STAUNCHLY IGNORE all common sense when it comes to law-making to FEED their WHIMSICAL EGO!

    Liberalism is no astrophysics, it’s pure common sense. The fact that these “moral” folks CHOOSE to ignore and even despise freedom and liberalism, and coat their tyrannical policies to feed their ego and jealousies, in the name of ‘morality’.. is NOT somethting I would call being Good!

    I’ve got some not-so-pleasant words to describe such types though, but I bet they wouldn’t wanna hear it. Cuz after all, that would be “Hate Speech” for them, wouldn it?


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