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Political trips to India over the past 13 years – and future plans

A note to myself regarding my political trips (each imposing significant costs) to India. I’m excluding trips here that had primarily a family related motivation. I’m also (obviously) not including here the huge other costs I’ve incurred on my India project.

2004: One month in January to organise the 5-day Liberal Political Strategy conference through India Policy Institute.

2010: A few weeks around February to attend the first annual conference of Freedom Team of India.

2012: A few weeks around February 2012 to attend the third annual conference of Freedom Team of India. Met Arvind Kejriwal during this trip.

2012: Around six weeks in December 2012-January 2013 to meet Ramdev in Patanjali to work out a new political party.

2013: Around 4 weeks in March-April 2013 to conduct the 2-day Governance Reforms conference at IIPA, Delhi and the 4-day national reform summit in Patanjali.

2014: Around 3 weeks in July 2014 to hold the 5 day conference at Delhi to consider whether we will do anything with Swarna Bharat Party, which was registered in June 2014. This included a trip to Swami Om Poorna Swatantra’s place in Pilani (and nearby villages) and Haryana, and to the Boundaryless initiative in Uttarakhand.

2016: Around 3 weeks in July-August 2016 to hold the first annual conference of Swarna Bharat Party and visit Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Bhadohi/ Mirzapur (including villages).

2017: Around 2 weeks in June-July 2017 to London, Interlaken (9th Horasis India meeting) and to India (for SBP’s second annual conference).

Regarding my 2017 trip, my FB comment: “Was it worthwhile to travel 20,000 km in two weeks – and through utter filth and chaos in India’s capital city – to meet hundreds of mentally blocked people? I guess a part of this stress and cost was offset by meeting around 20 excellent people in London, Interlaken and India. But not sure whether I’ll do such a thing ever again. The cost-benefit doesn’t add up. Why bother for a people so self-satisfied with crime, corruption, filth and chaos? When all this is cause for celebration and boasts about a great India. why not let them enjoy their delusions?”

It is increasingly unlikely that I’ll return to India for any political work ever again. I’m not interested in any more air travel in which I am packed like a sardine for many hours on end and get disrupted sleep and digestion as well. And at the end, I have to travel in disgusting third world conditions and meet mentally sick people who are thrilled to live in these “wonderful” conditions.

It might be better for me to conserve my money and use the internet/ telephone to engage with India. I’ve also bought a video camera with an external mike this time, so I might be better off providing my comments over youtube.

However, I’ll review after six months, depending on whether there is any uptake of liberalism in India – which means people need to put their hard cash on the table. The party needs to have raised significant amounts of money by then.

If you want a genuinely great India (not the farcical “great” India lunatic Indians talk about), then please  PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS.

Start funding SBP in a big way.

Else forever hold your peace.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Political trips to India over the past 13 years – and future plans
  1. Raj

    Hi Sanjeev, just created a new, shorter, hopefully better crafted and comprehensible video. And I’ve mailed it to ya. I would be very much supportive of uploading the FB post with the accompanying video sometime very soon.

    We’re attracting a or of attention of people who “Like” it when we condemn Pakistani terrorism, and then comment and admonish when we say we support the right of people to eat Beef. High time these hypocritical “supporters” were weeded out. Likewise, a lot of Muslim gentlemen liking the fact that we support the food freedom, but might not be very pleased when we would support artists like Charlie Hebdo and his freedoms.

    If not my own video, certainly anything that makes it *clearer*, the kind of freedoms we stand by, would be something I’d be very pleased to see and would highly cherish and appreciate. Bye!


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