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Don’t waste my time complaining about corruption – YOU ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE

Someone sent me this:

Judges  Connive  with  VIP  Prisoners  ,

Jail  Tyrant  Judges  ,


Thanks for this.

Sadly, we all know about how hopelessly corrupt our entire system is – from the top to the bottom. It has been so for many decades now, nothing new to see here.

I resigned from the IAS because I could not tolerate such a rotten system. Since nearly 20 years I have been working to liberate Indians from the clutches of corrupt government but INDIANS LOVE CORRUPTION. They have more interest in things like religion, caste, and regional language, than in good governance.

We have now formed India’s only liberal party – Swarna Bharat Party ( ) but the response from Indians is lukewarm, at best. Let me assure you, they don’t care about corruption, lack of basic governance or rule of law. They are happy with corruption, broken roads, injustice and filth.

Even you have not yet joined SBP, so what are you writing this for?

Not writing but ACTION is needed, to completely change India’s third rate third world governance system, one of the worst in the world by any metric. And the ONLY action that India needs today is for everyone to join Swarna Bharat Party.

Over to you.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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