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Some important statistics about Third World India to highlight at the Horasis conference

Lok has suggested a few statistics to highlight (I’ve incorporated his statistics in this post). Independently I have also been keeping tab on a number of indicators. I will use as many of these indicators as possible during the QA session to highlight the utter bankruptcy of the Modi government (or any other government, such as UPA, etc.).

FDI – one eighth of what China has got to date

GDP – Questionable statistics, but very poor performance compared with China’s

Governance – the most corrupt in Asian pacific region.

Funding for core functions is a joke. The budget for justice delivery and administration is 1000 crores. The entire budget for law enforcement is 75,000 crores. But the budget for National Rural Employment Guarantee is 48,000 Cr. That is just one of hundreds of welfare schemes. Recently they mindlessly waived off farmer loans worth over 10 billion dollars.

India ranks on bottom on every socio-economic-political measure of human prosperity such as education, health, freedom of speech, ease of doing business.

Less than 2% of the country pays incomes taxes. As compared to 55% in Switzerland and 48% in United States.

Government of India throws out freebies to their vote banks: free power, free loans, free this, free that. Freebies have made Indians dishonest, lazy and immoral.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “Some important statistics about Third World India to highlight at the Horasis conference
  1. Raj

    Yup. I would particularly encourage you to focus on how the Modi government doesn’t understand free-market economics Sanjeev.

    Their repulsive nation-shaming protectionist campaign of “Make-in-India” has literally involved imposing even higher tariffs on finished products and arm-wrestling firms into manufacturing in India, even though it’d be more expensive for then, and ultimately, the CONSUMER!

    They’ve been shying away from trade liberalisation. They’ve postponed the EU-India FTA and have even suspended all bi-lateral investment agreements with EU nations.

    They’re insistent on India’s cowardly IPR laws which protect our shame-worthy generic copy-cat companies while not giving foreign pharma multi-nationals their due even though they spend billions on making innovative medicines.

    They keep forcing foreign firm to 74% FDI or 49% FDI, compelling them into partnerships with Indian firms. Well, if an Indian firm wants to wholly sell itself to a foreign firm? What’s the govt. got to do with it?

    Their new policy of granting “educational freedom” to higher education institutions is dependent on them getting into the top 200 in a world rankings?

    Wait, what gives the government the right to restrict these institutions to function as they wish regardless of their rankings?

    The Modi government does NOT UNDERSTAND LIBERTY! And the basic essentiality of liberty in having a happy, prosperous populace.

    You could hopefully draw light to this, and also highlight how our principles are grounded in Liberty for all.


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