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Preliminary dot points for the Horasis 2 minute pitch

I’m refining the pitch, and now have assembled some dot points that I’ll try to finalise in consultation with the London team, then print it and practice it once.

Thoughts appreciated asap


Introduce self and the party. A bit about me and why I resigned. India needs a liberal political party. Article in TOI, manifesto.

We are here to reach for the skies. Tired of being at the bottom of the world

Indian businesses are running a one-legged race or a sack race. Likewise our one hand is tied behind our back. And no party has a clue about how to fix governance. Every country has radically changed, some change in appearance every 10 years. But India looks and feels like what it was 50 years ago.

Our party gives a big vote of confidence in India’s private sector but a vote of no confidence in India’s governance system. There is not a single good policy in India that can be considered a role model for the world

What is the cause of shoddy governance? Socialism and socialist incentives

Nehru vs LKY on profit

Without fundamental governance reforms nothing can be done – electoral/ bureaucratic – and economic/ freedom of expression

How SBP will benefit business

This is party for transforming India, but this dream, this vision will remain unfulfilled if we do not seize this opportunity.

This party reflects the work of 20 years. It now needs your support to take off

Minimum government maximum governance should no longer remain an empty slogan

Key message, if India has to attract more FDI it needs fundamental governance reforms

If the plans we have articulated in our manifesto had been implemented, by now, within three years, a lot of things would have changed. But India continues to be stuck at a low level equilibrium 3 years after the Modi government – because Mr Modi is continuing with the same old broken governance model. The changes made are cosmetic.

Existing socialist parties were perhaps natural at the early stage of India’s democratic development. But as India matures, it needs a party wedded to liberty in all its forms and shapes. And able to adopt the world’s best ideas of governance.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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