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First cartoon by Sivabalan Muthu for Swarna Bharat Party

Sivabalan Muthu is a creative cartoonist, and a few days ago offered to make cartoons for SBP.

Here is his first one (I’ve added the slogan and SBP logo):


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “First cartoon by Sivabalan Muthu for Swarna Bharat Party
  1. Raj

    It’s great that we’re getting a wider range of content from more people, for now. But I would always say that we need to regulate content to at least ensure that it falls in line with the founding principles of the party.

    The fact that a contribution’s been made is great. However, cheap mud-slinging would hardly help us stand out, sadly that’s what this cartoon does.

    It tells the reader to join us because of Modi’s “lies, slogans” (While I would dispute his “lies and slogans”, Modi really had made some solid institutional changes actually). We need to tell them WHAT we stand for, and WHY it is a BETTER choice than what we have currently.

    Not mere baseless admonishment of the current government, and then a plea to the reader to join us. It really does convey nothing, in my view.

    We need to up quality.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    By all means provide ideas for the cartoons – I’m sure Sivabalan will work on those ideas.

    I have a simple rule in life – ONE tiny micromilligram of effort is worth far more than TEN TRILLION TONS of talk.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    And re: Modi’s “institutional changes” – look, Raj, this is not a place for jokes. Modi and reform? Poles apart.

  4. Salman

    I have seen many wonderful creative works of SivaBalan. But still this one amazes me. His creative works always capture what’s happening in the society and clearly depicts in a way which can be easily understood by any type of person.


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