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The petty, self-centered Australians – transactional mercanaries totally bereft of any vision for the world

I’ve lived in Australia for over 16 years. Virtually from day one, a small but relevant group of people have known about my ambition to get a liberal party up and running in India. They have been friendly but otherwise totally disinterested.

Today I wrote this on my FB page:


I like the British and Europeans since they take a lot of interest in other nations.

Australians are ultra-parochial and self-centred.

Australians will ignore India’s only liberal party, but the British – and even the Germans and the Dutch – will take great interest.

A German has invited me to speak at a major conference in Switzerland, as leader of India’s liberal party. But Australians are totally indifferent to anyone who doesn’t directly give them money. Adani is of greater interest to them than India’s only liberal party.


I should have migrated to England.

Australians remind me of India’s businessmen, purely transactional, all for money.

The British thought big. They were shopkeepers but they were also visionaries. Macaulay is a marvel to read. Australia has extremely small minds, in comparison.

Australians are exceptionally narrow-minded and inward focused. A most transactional nation, with no value for any big picture vision. Australia was not founded on any vision of freedom, either. It has nothing to offer the world. A good country to live in, at best.

Australians are consumers of visions produced in Europe and USA. They have never produced any innovative vision on their own.

Limited to their own little patch. Not one world leader has Australia produced – ever!

And it cannot.





It was not Macaulay’s “gap year” that made him so bold in his vision for the world of the future. It was his global humanism which is founded on the concept of liberty.

Australians have an exceptionally poor sense of liberty and also very poor self-confidence. They therefore see themselves as “takers” (of what others like China may do), not “makers” of the new world.

The British set out to make the world in their own image, because they believed in their own image. Australians either have no self-image or don’t know what they stand for.


The entire debate in Australia is transactional (i.e. who can fund them, who can provide them security). Zero vision about what the world should look like.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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