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The “mindset” of Indians – a short conversation

Comment received:

I feel that Australia is a privileged country situated far from rest of the world without any neighbors and intruders . It has to concentrate only on its internal matters . Where as India is surrounded from all its sides by invaders , intruders and trouble makers like Pakistan , Afghanistan , China , Nepal , Bangladesh and so many others . Constant attacks by Pakistan terrorists on Indian army and civilians is a great drain on Indian economy and human resources and great impediment on the path of our country,s peace and prosperity .

India is a country of great diversity with its multiple races , religions , sects , customs languages , beliefs and superstitions. India,s civilization is century,s old with Aryan , Dravidian and Mongol culture . From time immemorial, number of invaders had been coming to India . They looted the wealth of our country and left behind the marks of destruction and some of their traditions . The the impact of Mugul and British rule on the mind set and life style of people can not be ignored . Then the wounds of partition of India had their effects on the minds of people of India . India ,s history is not a straight game . Whatever we see on the surface , there is a cause behind it and that has become a deep rooted mindset of people .Massive effort is needed in order to change the mindset of people of India. Once the mindset of the people changes  once they become alert , and aware of their social and political responsibilities the governance will become easier and effective for any leader in our country .
There is nothing privileged about Australia. It has been made (and continues to improve) through sheer intelligence and use of the mind. In India people resist thinking and make a lot of false assumptions about the world. It is hard to get Indians to start thinking carefully about things.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “The “mindset” of Indians – a short conversation
  1. Raj

    Another thin skinned smart-arse trying to make out the arrogance and inferiority-complex of most Indians which prevents them from learning stuff from “outsiders”, as if its something complicated and “deep” (LOL!). Man, I sure am blessed to be born here.


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