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Sound blog: The challenges currently being faced by Swarna Bharat Party and how you can help

In this sound blog (18 minutes or so) I talk about how SBP currently operates and the key challenges it faces.  I also outline opportunities for you to get involved. In fact, each challenge is an opportunity, so if you have an idea about how to address a specific challenge, please write to me.


Sanjeev Sabhlok

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6 thoughts on “Sound blog: The challenges currently being faced by Swarna Bharat Party and how you can help
  1. Raj

    Funding is arguably a prime issue here. I would rather call it a bit of a ‘make-or-break’ factor. Not that funding alone would leads to any sort of result, if bereft of the will, perseverance and most importantly, the people to make success. But without funding, we’re likely to be heading into the battleline with spears and grass-knit skirts. Funding as we all well know is the *lifeline* and the lifeblood of the organisation. It’s not an end, but an indispensable means to the end we seek.

    We must start scratching our minds as to how we can get a windfall of funds or perhaps at least consistent flow of healthy funds. I’d try to do my bit to create as much money as I can to donate to the party (I trade Forex). But, then again, politics in the world’s largest nation would need a fair bit of money and I would be sceptical of my ability alone to help.

    We must think of ways to raise funds. All of us. From friends perhaps? Foreign organisations that stand by liberty like the Heritage Foundation? Not sure if foreign funding is legal.

    But a way’s got to searched and worked on with regards to cash.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks, Raj. Foreign funding is not just illegal, SBP vigorously opposes any foreign intervention in the political affairs of India.

    Yes, by all means work towards getting more funds into SBP. Funding can multiply the reach of the message, which can – potentially – overcome the HUGE gap in human resources.

  3. Raj

    Not sure why it should be illegal though Sanjeev. I stand by this, it is a free transaction between two entities. Nothing more, nothing less indeed. The electorate chooses the party based on what they DO. Thus, regardless of whom they’ve garnered funds from, it is ultimately what the party does when in power that really only matters.

    I see it as a foolish, and rather arrogant and protectionist way to run politics in a nation. Unsure if Australia, UK or the US permits foreign funding in politics (pretty sure the US does, I guess the Clinton Foundation got donations from Prince Talal of Saudi?)

    Sure there would be parties that would make transactional acceptances with foreign funders. But it is the civil vote which ought to recognise them and keep them out. And then, obviously, are chances where true liberty-seekers on the other side of the globe would genuinely want us to succeed and fund us, a possibility which such laws demolish.

    Again, disagree with the use of the word “intervention” you’ve made. Intervention implies force. A donation from one entity, to another. A donation, not a transaction. Where’s the force?

    Regardless, I don’t see the rule changin anytime soon really. So we’ve got to do with such protectionist laws and try to find funds from our own “brothers and sisters” lest the foreign savages wreck our nation with their ungodly cash.

  4. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Raj, I have expressed views about this on numerous occasions. I do not see political influence in the same league as trade.

    Where matters of national security are involved, I do not support foreign funding. In such matters, let only the relevant citizens contribute.

  5. vijay

    One big challenge I see here, more than the funding is the belief in your party. Unfortunately AAP’s mess might have an effect on SBP as well I believe. They started off as an alternative movement 5 years back, on an anti-corruption platform and sought funds. People who contributed to AAP(mostly middle class and higher) might be feeling cheated now. How are you going to convince them, your target audience as well, and without getting too technical with subtleties in ideological differences, that SBP is different?

    A layman’s version of how your party is different and the proposed benefits of the ideology should be prepared, which also sounds good and understandable when spoken from a platform. Funds and enrolment will follow

  6. Raj

    The message is Freedom, Vijay. And no, the funds and enrolment don’t just “follow”. That’s because what we’re espousing essentially needs SPINE. A nation without a spine can fall back on socialism, tyranny and protectionism. We’re asking people to grow out of that and that we can create something better.

    I agree with you though that we need to “get the point across”. We’ve gotta try and make ourselves easy to understand and show how the why, the what and how (of what we do) ultimately leads to material benefits. Simply show that link of actions and fruits, simply put.


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