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Is Arvind Kejriwal personally corrupt? Yes, for SURE. Now. Not when he started off.

In my mind Arvind Kejriwal definitely started out clean but RAPIDLY deteriorated, as predicted.

ALL socialists have this issue – of ending up corrupt. This is exactly what happened to Ason Gana Parishad MLAs and Ministers in front of my eyes. In two years, they had gone from clean to corrupt. Today the AGP is known as the most corrupt party in Assam (even more corrupt than Congress).

How did this happen? Due to the inevitable nature of the incentives at work in India’s governance system. Read chapter 5 of Breaking Free of Nehru for details. IT IS SOCIALISM THAT LEADS TO CORRUPTION. NO BABY IS BORN CORRUPT.

About Arvind, the evidence of his shoddy ethics is clear enough:

a) He ACTIVELY solicited former Congress MLAs.

b) He accepted donations of Rs. 2 crores from an entirely unknown source.

It is a very short distance from doing these things to actually taking cash.

In this case we have a senior minister of AAP telling us he SAW AK take Rs.2 crores in cash at his official residence.

The case against Arvind Kejriwal is open and shut.

He has also stopped talking about the Sheila Dixit corruption – almost certainly he has been paid off by those who bribed Sheila Dixit. What else explains all this?

And regarding him being supported by Somnath Bharti – I know PERSONALLY how Somnath has very poor ethical standards. His phone call to me when he joined AAP was clear enough about his (and Arvind’s) ethical duplicity.

All the crooks are banding together with Arvind.

Yogendra Yadav thinks that AK is not personally corrupt and wants “EVIDENCE”. Well, the evidence has been out there in abundance for long enough. What more evidence is needed?

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Is Arvind Kejriwal personally corrupt? Yes, for SURE. Now. Not when he started off.
  1. Ravinder Kumar

    I think Yogendra Yadav is absolutely right. I do not agree with you. You are trying to reach a conclusion based on your hypothesis. I will wait for more details and conclusive proof before reaching to conclusion. To the best of my knowledge, Kapil Mishra cannot be believed. My hunch is that it is a game plan of BJP. In all probability Kapil Mishra has been bought by BJP to bring AAP in minority in Delhi,particularly after MCD elections.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Yes, by all means look for more proof. But I KNOW personally that Somnath Bharati is a person of truly low moral character. And not only did Kejriwal promote him to a minister rank previously, but he remains a key AAP leader till today.

    Further hearsay evidence (from here:

    1) Kejriwal has sold many (if not most) of his seats.

    2) He solicited and brought career politicians from other corrupt parties into his fold.

    3) AAP accepts black money. [this I’ve already pointed out]

    4) He uses hundreds of crores taxpayer revenue to bribe the media, pay full-time party workers, fund his IT cell, launch ads in Delhi, and campaign in Punjab and Goa.

    5) His coterie themselves are involved in corruption and exploitation of women. Sehrawat claims that Kejriwal himself sexually exploits women. [I know Sehrawat personally and am willing to trust his views. Although Sehwarat is not a liberal and won’t join SBP, he is an honest man]

    5) His own government is actively involved in corruption, including syndicates of “transfer-posting” and appointments.

    6) His government is as corrupt as the preceding Congress. In order to incorporate AAP MLAs into the government, he had them listed as ministerial secretaries.

    Also I’ll add another bit of evidence shortly – in a separate blog post. [Sorry, on second thoughts, I’ve decided against it – am willing to give that person – who worked **very closely** with Kejriwal – and whose integrity is publicly in question – some further chance to show his true colours, noting that the person said to me that there are no ‘perfectly honest’ people, meaning he was justifying his lack of integrity – and note that he was Arvind’s right hand man for a long time.]


  3. vijay

    “Sehrawat claims that Kejriwal himself sexually exploits women’

    That’s a pretty serious charge, not heard of in media at all. Surprising a swell as Kejriwal looked the clean family man,any more details?


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