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Corrupt Kejriwal and immoral Somnath Bharti are using the EVM issue as a smokescreen

After all the reviews that have occurred about EVMs in India, it is almost certain that these machines CANNOT be tampered with – at least on any large scale.

AAP leaders including immoral Somnath Bharti are busy making a nuisance of themselves outside the ECI (see this).

And yet the big issue that needs to be urgently dealt with is the direct allegations of corruption against Kejriwal by one of AAP’s own ministers. Plus the many other proofs I have already adduced.

Where were these protests when AAP won 67 of 70 seats in Delhi?

AAP has reached rock bottom.

It has not the slightest shred of credibility left.

To anyone who says EVMs can be tampered, my views: (1) Who tampered to give 67 seats to AAP? (2) While one or two machines could definitely be tampered, the way the system works is so extraordinarily fool-proof, I don’t see any prospect of systemic tampering.


EVMs cannot be tampered with, says Election Commission

Referring to the EC’s open challenge in 2009 to all those who alleged tampering of EVMs, the statement further said, “To date, no one has been able to actually demonstrate that EVMs used by the Election Commission can be tampered with or manipulated. What has been demonstrated or claimed to have been demonstrated is on a privately assembled ‘look-alike of ECI-EVMs’ and not the actual ECI-EVM.”

EVMs cannot be tampered with, says former CEC

EVMs are 100% tamper-proof, database cannot be altered: Election Commission



My further views on FB.

Prima facie there is absolutely no MACRO evidence of any vote rigging.

We have numerous cases of state governments being upturned even though they control the appointment of most election officials.

We have cases of national governments being upturned likewise.

We have the case of Modi hating AAP but AAP still getting 67 seats out 70. So Central government can’t control results, either.

From the evidence, the polls have been broadly correct, as well.

Overall, there is nothing to see here. Let’s move on. SBP cannot join the bunch of ill-conceived baseless protests.

And no, unless you fully understand the detailed electoral process and can describe it step by step to me, I do not agree with hackathons or additional paper burdens.

You need to show me (a) massive and consistent large scale rigging (b) the precise stage at which rigging occurs.

Of course, every machine can potentially be “rigged” if people are determined to do it. But you fail to notice the massive checks and balances in the process.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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