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There will be no change in the name “Swarna Bharat Party”. That conversation is closed.

A few weeks ago I raised the question with readers: Does anyone have any comment regarding the name Swarna Bharat Party?

That conversation is now closed.

The idea of changing the name of the party was first considered in late 2014. After months of discussion, the idea was rejected by members who voted against the change.

The idea was once again considered in early 2017 but this time the discussion did not proceed further. In any event my Times of India of 1 April 2017 has brought the discussion to a complete end. The name recognition it has provided is significant. Further, I am attending the Horasis conference in June as representative of Swarna Bharat Party. The party name is clearly mentioned on its program. And I’ve written to around 90 of its attendees on the Swarna Bharat Party letterhead.

So there will be no further consideration of a change in name of the party.

I would have preferred Liberal Party of India, but that’s not to be. SBP it is.

The name is not bad, anyway. It derives from the logo of Sone Ki Chidiya and by stating that SBP stands for a golden India, the name’s meaning becomes clear to everyone.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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One thought on “There will be no change in the name “Swarna Bharat Party”. That conversation is closed.
  1. Raj

    It’s not and never will be the name Sanjeev. It’s what we stand for that matters. The party can triumph or perish for all I care. But it is our ideals that will help us win this race, for freedom, peace and prosperity. We may have to give in all that we have in this race, but I’m considering closing in on the conclusion that I would want to spend the rest of my time and life, fighting and preserving liberty when it has been attained. I’m 21, so that may be of help.

    Either way, John Stark’s quote of “Live Free or Die” has been my fav for a while now anyways. I could step in on this journey once I’ve backed myself financially to a reasonable limit. Until then, I shall continue to look to our other Crusaders to go on and do what they must in order to establish the Land of the Free, that we so desire.

    Together, we can make it. And if we can’t see support around, let’s never shy from walkin it alone. This is a fight for the salvation of our souls, in the end of the day.


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