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The bogus “think tanks” of liberty – whose ONLY purpose is have us feed their “president” and “office bearers”

Extract below from an email I sent out a little while ago. Share it with think tanks you know. Let them know that they are on the wrong path. If you are not political, you are a hoax.


Think tanks are bogus “promoters” of liberty. They are beggars. All want to be funded – so their “president” and “office-bearers” can survive out of these handouts. It is not in their interest to lose the talent they produce to political activity. Accordingly, Indian institutes like CCS and Liberty Institute have not produced a SINGLE fighter for liberty in the 25 years of their existence.

Likewise, American institutes like Mises Institute and the like have merely produced ultra-confused “anarcho-capitalists” who will never in their whole life understand that liberty is purely political and has to be fought all the way. There is no imaginary nirvana waiting at the end of the rainbow. Liberty is a fist fight – a hard battle; and every small win counts. It is, above all, not an academic discourse. Such “anarcho-capitalists” are totally lost to mankind through their muddled thinking. Finally, the Ayn Rand institute produces Don Quixotes who spend their entire life tangling with imaginary windmills, and have completely lost touch with reality.

If you notice, all these think tanks end their videos with a pitch to “like” their institute or fund their institute. Pure beggars, these. Not once do they ask you to fight for your liberty. At least Marx said: “Workers of the world, unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains”. These people always end their pitch by saying: “Fund me, for only I know what is liberty”. Rubbish.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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